21 September 2022- You may already be seeing Christmas decoration displays at stores and we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet. But in the days of supply chain issues and inflation, tree displays for public viewing have to be found well in advance. As of right now, the Tuscarora Chamber of Commerce in Mercersburg and the Borough of Chambersburg are looking for their large public trees. Requirements and who to contact if you’d like to help out are below from both the Chamber and Borough.

Although hard to believe, only 13 more weekends until Christmas! We are seeking tree submissions to a fresh cut tree, which is suitable to become Mercersburg’s next tree and adorn the square for the holiday season

Only 13 more weekends until Christmas and 8 weeks until we have our annual Christmas parade!

As part of our preparatory activities, the Borough Highway Department in Chambersburg is seeking to harvest and move a fresh cut tree, which is suitable to become the town’s Christmas Tree in Memorial Square.

Each year, at the Borough’s expense, a tree is removed from private property by a professional arborist hired by the Borough and set up in one of the quadrants on Memorial Square in Downtown Chambersburg.

“Last year we had to scramble as our tree experts recommended we not harvest the tree we had targeted on Borough property,” explained Assistant Director of Public Works Elwood Sord, “we were fortunate to receive a donation from Guilford Township. This year we are again asking for local assistance in locating a suitable tree for our Christmas season.”

While there are no written standards for what the Christmas Tree should be, neither size nor species, the ideal tree would look like a traditional Christmas Tree, easy to reach by truck, and about 30 feet tall.

If you would like Mr. Sord to come look at your tree, he can be reached by calling 717-729-2179 or by email at esord@chambersburgpa.gov.

Thank you for your early holiday spirit!