Sex offender charged with Megan’s Law violation, more after allegedly leaving 8 and 2 year old alone he was supposed to be watching

12 March 2024- A man with a prior address in Altoona is charged with failure to register as a sex offender and neglect of multiple children following an incident just before New Years. Waldi Andre Cuello is charged with felony failure to provide accurate registration info, felony child endangerment, and misdemeanor child endangerment. Cuello is behind bars today on $25,000 bail.

Chambersburg PD were alerted on December 28th, 2023 of two young children being left alone at home and a wellness check was requested. CPD say that they were able to secure the children safely and a follow-up was conducted the next day with the children’s mother. CPD say that they learned Waldi Cuello was responsible for watching the woman’s children while she was at work about half an hour away. Those children, CPD say, were 8 and 2 years old.

While the mother was at work, Cuello reportedly sent her a text at 9:42am saying she needed to come get her kids because he was leaving. A relative was found, luckily, who was able to get to the children just after 10am while their mother was still at work.

Cuello was eventually identified by CPD as being a Megan’s Law tier 2 offender, having been convicted of indecent assault of a minor as well as corruption of minors in 2015. An additional investigation was conducted then, showing that Cuello had been living at the apartment with the victims on N Main Street in the borough for several months, which would violate his Megan’s Law status. Cuello’s previous address was listed by CPD as having been in Johnstown, with his address on court filings being shown as him having an Altoona address.

A review of borough cameras by CPD allegedly shows Cuello leaving the home around 9:28am, several minutes BEFORE contacting the children’s mother. Again, it wouldn’t be until after 10am when family were able to get to the children.

Waldi Cuello is behind bars on $25,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000004-2024, Incident No.: C202314701