Severe thunderstorms cut a path through most of Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon

June 22 — When incredibly hot, humid air hangs near the ground and cold dry air floats above it, trouble ensues in meteorological land.

When lift happens, pushing unstable air upwards, you get severe thunderstorms, possible hail, dangerous winds, flooding and even potential tornadoes.

That, quite literal recipe for a perfect storm, occurred yesterday afternoon and covered a path all along south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

The area saw severe thunderstorms and the skies and wind seemed ripe for tornadoes.

Indeed, the warning sirens blared in Emmitsburg, Md.

Trees were downed in streets throughout Franklin, Washington, Cumberland, Adams and even York counties. Some of the trees took down electric wires, too, resulting in extended power outages for much of the area.

Torrential rains brought sudden flooding in city streets and wind gusts were allegedly up to 70 mph.

The initial report involved 25 counties in Pennsylvania.