Senator Mastriano Announces Exploratory Committee

CHAMBERSBURG – Senator Mastriano told NEWS TALK 1037FM that he is forming an exploratory committee for a potential run for governor (Gettysburg, PA) Senator Doug Mastriano (R, PA 33) announced that he is forming an exploratory committee for potentially entering the 2022 gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania.

“Running for a state wide office is no small undertaking,” Mastriano said. “It will take a strong grassroots movement to restore our state from the damage done to it. From the fireside chats, to the Gettysburg hearing, we have stood together through a dark period in Pennsylvania history. We remember Gov Wolf’s draconian rules that shut down your businesses, sent Covid positives into nursing homes that resulted in thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths. Wolf declared many jobs as ‘non-essential,’ and then issued contradictory mask requirements on you and your children. And now, many are facing job loss and an uncertain future with vaccine mandates.”

“There are a lot of people already in this race for governor,” Mastriano said, “What is disconcerting is that of the assortment of candidates, few did anything when we faced the darkness and uncertainty of Wolf’s edicts and Covid shutdowns. This is no time to settle for yet another politician when our freedoms and liberties are being stripped away. It is time for proven leadership.”

The purpose of an exploratory committee is to assemble a team of leaders and influencers from across the state to ascertain the level of support that Mastriano has to move forward before making a final decision to enter the gubernatorial race. A poll conducted in May of all likely candidates had him with a narrow lead and the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference straw poll this past summer, placed him as the preferred candidate for governor in the crowded field.

Mastriano is an Eagle Scout and combat veteran, who served our nation for 30 years on active duty in the United States Army. He began his military service on the Iron Curtain patrolling the East German and Czechoslovakian borders. After he witnessed the end of the Cold War, Mastriano deployed to Desert Storm fighting Saddam Hussein’s elite Guards. After 9/11, he deployed several times to Afghanistan to defend our nation. Mastriano has a PhD in history and has several masters’ degrees, which includes Strategic Studies from the Army War College in Carlisle, PA, as well as a Bachelor Degree from Eastern University, in St. David’s PA.

Mastriano added, “I was compelled to run for office after retiring from the Army, because our state and nation were less prosperous, less free, less secure and less good than how we received it from our parent’s generation. I could not stand aside as corrupt politicians stripped our country of all that is good and just.”

Despite being targeted by incessant attacks from leftist media outlets and democrat disinformation, Mastriano overwhelmingly won reelection by 37 percentage points in 2020. Known as the “People’s Senator,” he forged the “walk as free people” movement and celebrated as a champion of personal freedom and individuals liberties. Doug resides with his wife Rebecca in Franklin County, near where her family settled in 1732.