Sen. Kim Ward reelected to serve as PA Senate Pro Tempore for 2024

03 January 2024- Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) joined her colleagues to reelect Sen. Kim Ward (R-39) as the Senate president pro tempore for 2024.

“I am honored to support Sen. Kim Ward in her reelection as the president pro tempore of the Senate,” said Judy Ward. “Over the last year in her role as pro tempore, Sen. Kim Ward has exemplified the qualities we want as the presiding officer of the Senate, showing fairness, consistency, and impartiality. I am confident that Senate Pro Tempore Kim Ward will lead the Senate well and continue to build on the success that this chamber has had so far this session.”

During her first year as president pro tempore, Ward supported the key Senate Republican initiatives of protecting jobs, empowering families, and defending freedoms in Pennsylvania.

President Pro Tempore Ward also advanced landmark legislation that eliminated out-of-pocket costs for genetic testing of hereditary cancer syndromes and supplemental breast screenings for women at high risk of developing breast cancer.

Having previously filled the role of majority leader, President Pro Tempore Ward is the first woman in the history of the Pennsylvania Legislature to serve in the top two positions of the Senate or House of Representatives.

With Ward presiding, the Senate will return to voting session on Monday, Feb. 5.