SCOTUS said Trump can’t be taken off the ballot

March 5 – In a unanimous decision yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that former president Donald Trump is ineligible to be on the November ballot in the state because of an anti-insurrectionist provision in the Constitution.

Other states, including Illinois and Maine had tried to remove Trump from the ballot as well. 

The SCOUTS decision changes all that. 

Yesterday, Trump said, “You cannot take somebody out of a race. The voters can take the person out of the race very quickly. But a court shouldn’t be doing that and the Supreme Court. If a president does a good job, a president should be free and clear and frankly celebrated for having done a good job. Not indicted four times and not gone after on a civil basis.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “The one that we talked about was trying to bring people to a neutral zone here. I think the former president did a good job on this and it will certainly resonate with that Independent voter.”

Trump continued, “I want to start by thanking the Supreme Court for its unanimous decision today. It was a very important decision, very well crafted. I think it will go a long way toward bringing our country together which our country needs.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It was the right decision. As we said from day one when this case was listed for Supreme Court consideration, I don’t even think it was a close call. I know there were some people out there in the echo chamber saying oh that they’re not going to let him on the ballot. I don’t think it was close. Rarely do you see unanimous decisions on anything and I think the 9-0 confirms that, that this was not close. Two of the big other takeaways here: one is that the Supreme Court said that the state secretaries of state do not have the authority to keep a federal candidate off the ballot based on that constitutional amendment provision that was in question. Now, the Supreme Court said Congress could do it. But state officials can only bar state offices from off a ballot. And then, I thought it was interesting if you look at Amy Coney Barrett’s concurring opinion, it’s only one page. She had a very telling statement in there about it’s time to turn the temperature down. There’s all this rhetoric that seems to happen when these cases get heard. But here was a case: it was nine nothing. This is for the rule of law. This is going to be up to the voters to decide even the liberal justices agreed with it. So overall, it was the right outcome.”

There are some other cases involving Trump on the docket. 

Barkdoll said, “So remember, within the next two weeks, we’re going to get another decision out of them on whether Trump is immune from criminal prosecution and that’s going to be the next big one to watch.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “To hear Jamie Raskin now saying about how Congress could do it. Are they this blind to how that would turn the temperature back up, to use the Justice’s words? To hear some expert in a TED Talk saying that white men feeling displaced is the reason we might have a civil war, no. It’s these kinds of actions. For the pro-democracy group, the Democrats say that they are, to keep using, as Trump said, stop using proxies, meaning judges and AGs and now Congress to try to keep an opponent off the ballot. I’m just saying generically an opponent, and again, they try to make Trump into Hitler, and that’s why we have to do everything necessary to keep him off the ballot. That is the threat to democracy. That is the threat that causes the two sides, red and blue, to get even further separated and willing to dehumanize not just Trump or Biden, but an entire half of the country. That’s the risk.” 

Ryan added, “On the far left extreme side you’ve got a group of Independents that are clearly waking up to all you have to do is look at the southern border, you look at how we’re perceived in the world. You look at your gas prices, you listen to some of the energy stuff that he’s spouting off about your washer, dryer, your air conditioner, they’ll be happy to keep it for themselves, but you’ve got strong Independents that are making that turn more and more so here. You’re clearly eating your own on the far left progressive side and it’s actually kind of entertaining to watch.”

Barkdoll noted, “Remember, Independents are now the largest segment of the electorate in America and they’re also the fastest growing segment of the electorate. So in other words, there are more Independents than there are Republicans or Democrats. The recent polling shows Independents more and more, at least for now, are veering towards Donald Trump on many of these issues. When I saw this opinion yesterday, and I saw that the Justices wrote that only Congress has the authority to keep someone off a ballot, well, I read that to mean and I think what the Justices meant was Congress on the floor could take a vote to prevent somebody from running for office. But Raskin and some others last night, they’re twisting this to now say no, they could take action after an election occurs to not install someone as president and I think we would be in very dangerous territory if some of these guys pursue that, assuming that Donald Trump would win in the fall and if the Democrats would win the majority in the House.”