Scotland woman charged with burglaries on both sides of a duplex, assault against one

20 February 2024- A Scotland woman is facing multiple burglary charges following an incident where she allegedly kicked open multiple homes and assaulted one of the residents. Tyeisha Marie Spriggs is charged with two felony counts of burglary, two counts of felony criminal trespassing, two misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief, misdemeanor assault, and misdemeanor strangulation. Spriggs failed to post bail of $75,000.

PSP Troopers were called around 3am on February 19th to a duplex on Scotland Main Street for multiple doors being kicked in. When they arrived, they found both sides of a duplex to have their front doors kicked in and two people in the rear of the building. Those two people were detained and later identified as Tyeisha Spriggs and a witness.

That witness reportedly told police that Spriggs had arrived at the building a few minutes earlier and immediately kicked in the door of the home. After this, Spriggs reportedly entered the home and began hitting one of the victims.

That victim who was allegedly assaulted by Spriggs was interviewed, with her saying that she was sleeping with her child when she heard a noise outside of the home. Investigating, that victim then was face to face with Spriggs, who had just kicked in her door that was both locked and dead bolted. Upon entering the home, Spriggs then allegedly held the victim by their neck against the couch, strangling her. Police say the victim told them the assault continued, with repeated blows landing against the victim’s face and upper arms.

The initial caller to 911, the second victim, was interviewed next with her saying she head a loud bang in the middle of the night and went out to investigate. Finding that her front door was kicked in, this victim went out to investigate further to find that Spriggs had reportedly targeted the wrong side of the duplex. That is when Spriggs kicked in the other door, police say, and began assaulting the first victim.

Severe damage to the hinges, screen, and panels were found on both of the victims’ doors. Additionally, the dead bolt and lock had been kicked through the door frame of the first victim’s door. As for her person, police say that the assault victim had injuries to her chest and face.

Tyeisha Spriggs is behind bars on $75,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000064-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-220974