SCAM ALERT: Washington County Sheriff’s issue notice of scam pretending to be them

30 December 2022- Scammers are calling community members and claiming to be from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland. In this specific scam, the criminal is using the name of an actual employee of the Sheriff’s Office, SGT Glines. The criminal is claiming the would-be victim has a warrant and must pay money or they will be arrested.

No Law Enforcement agency will accept payment to avoid having a warrant issued. Warrants must process through the court system and cannot be voided over the phone with cash, gift cards or any other form of payment.

These criminals are using scare tactics to steal money from their victims. If you have concerns in reference to warrants or other court paperwork, especially if you receive a telephone call, please contact your local law enforcement directly.

Remember to protect your personal information; don’t give it out when in doubt.