Scam Alert- Computer Takeover

WAYNESBORO – On August 25, the Waynesboro Police Department received a complaint where an individual reported that they had received an email advertisement from MacAfee antivirus renewal. The email had instructions to call a 1-800 number.

After doing so the subject on the phone instructed the complainant to log into w and provide a log in code. Once entering the code the subject stated that they now had access to the complainant’s computer and proved it by being able to move the cursor. The subject then requested the complainant to pull up their online banking account so they could transfer money from the subjects account to the complainant’s. Once the complainant refused to do so the subject claimed that they had then “dumped” all of the computer information which contained the complainants personal information on. If this should happen to you, DO NOT give any personal information out, cash any suspicious checks or write any checks/send money of your own. Please be aware of the following scam tactics: >Requesting of iTunes cards , Google Play cards, other gift cards >Winner of an excessive amount of money through emails, letters, texts, etc.