Scam Alert

CHAMBERSBURG – On 3/26/2021, CPD report a Chambersburg resident was contacted by a person claiming to be from Social Security.

The caller attempted to scam the resident out of monies / gift cards. The caller told the resident that their social security number was used fraudulently and that the residence would be arrested if the problem with the social security number was not resolved. The caller told the resident to go to CVS and purchase “target gift cards” to fix / pay for the warrant. The resident was continually threatened with arrest if he/she did not comply. The resident recognized the call as a scam because the caller told the resident not to tell anyone what he/she was doing and to go into the store bathroom alone after purchasing the gift cards to provided the gift card numbers. Scammers will go to extreme measures to convince victim’s that their call is legitimate to include spoofing their number to make it appear they are calling from a legitimate business or agency. In some instances, the call may be “Transferred” to another person to make the call seem legitimate, but this person is also part of the scam. Government / Police agencies will never ask you to pay for a warrant using “gift cards”/money pak cards. This is a tell-tale sign, you are attempting to be scammed. For more information on scams go to: Scam Alerts | FTC Consumer Information Be cautious / Don’t become a victim.