Santa’s got a new sleigh in Chambersburg that may be affecting your sidewalks

08 December 2023- Dog walkers, pedestrians, and apparently Chambersburg PD are on the lookout these days for a mysterious solar-powered electric vehicle that is taking up more than its fair share of the sidewalk in the borough.

The vehicle, which is a bright shade of red similar to Santa Claus’ sleigh, appears to be an ELF 2FR model made by Organic Transit, can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour according to its manufacturer’s website. It is powered by a 100 W Solar Panel and connected battery. Additionally, the manufacturer says these devices can reach up to 160lbs without anyone inside of it and 350-550lbs with a full payload.

That high speed and weight makes it especially concerning for pedestrians in Chambersburg who expect that sidewalks are specifically for THEM and not wheeled vehicles. The Borough Code’s ยงย 104-1 specifically prohibits bicycles on sidewalks in congested areas, including S Main Street where the hybrid-cycle was found. News Talk 1037FM has also reached out to Chambersburg PD officials who explicitly said that this vehicle is NOT ALLOWED on borough sidewalks.

While Santa seems like he has a new ride this Christmas in Chambersburg, it may just be a cyclist taking to the streets in a potentially dangerous way.