Revolutionary PPE shield made in Pa.

HARRISBURG – An Exton-based healthcare product provider is utilizing revolutionary technology to combat the spread of COVID-19 across the commonwealth.

Ramshield, Inc., a a woman-owned provider of healthcare products, has developed several proprietary products that are new to the healthcare industry, including the AVF Shield and Cartridge System Kit is a replaceable cartridge shield that uses patented technology to create an electrical charge to protect users from COVID-19.

While the product is manufactured in the U.S., another component of the AVF cartridge—a sponge that holds moisture allowing for the electroceutical technology to stay activated for 10-12 hours at a time—is sourced directly from Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania’s businesses like Ramshield are using their skills, knowledge, and experience to benefit us all, and without their efforts, our road to recovery would be much longer and more difficult,” said DCED Secretary Dennis Davin.

“This pandemic has tested businesses in ways many of us never could have imagined,” said PEMA Executive Deputy Director Jeff Thomas. “Pennsylvania businesses that were able to transition to making PPE, or come up with new and innovative ways to protect our essential workers made it easier for the commonwealth to support the needs of our county and local partners over the last year.”

The AVF shields are designed to provide a comfortable seal and are intended for hours of use, and the shield can be used up to one year and easily washed with soap and water or in dishwashers. The manufacturer has obtained FDA Emergency Use Authorization for this product.

“Ramshield is pleased to offer this new mask to help keep people safer with this effective, new technology in the fight against COVID and to help our fellow Americans get back to work and school,” said Samantha Partovi, president and managing Director of Ramshield, Inc.

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