Retail theft epidemic looks like it extends to even NBA players, or at least former ones

15 January 2024- A now-former Washington Wizards player has been cut by the team due to him being charged with a litany of retail theft allegations in Virginia.

Former Wizards guard Ryan Rollins was let go by the team after documents from the Alexandria General District Court in Virginia, near DC, showed that he was charged with seven counts of petit larceny for items worth less than $1,000. Those charges are all filed as misdemeanors in Virginia.

Filings seem to show that Rollins is behind accused of shoplifting household goods like groceries, dog toys, body wash, and candles, all from Target.

Wizards President Michael Winger said in response to the team cutting Rollins, “We cannot comment on the matter or the basis for our roster decisions”.

Rollins has a fully guaranteed $1.7M salary for the 2023-24 season, as well as being guaranteed $600,000 of his 2024-25 salary. The 2022 Second Round pick by the Hawks was traded to the Warriors, then included in the blockbuster trade that sent Chris Paul from the Wizards (before even playing a game in the Nation’s Capitol) to the Golden State Warriors.

Washington DC, where the Wizards home games are played, has experienced an increase of 68% in retail theft compared to the national average. This has been shown to cost residents hundreds of dollars, as well as caused the closures or relocation of many stores from the DC metro area.