Republicans look to tighten loopholes surrounding PA Governor’s access to official state plane

07 May 2024- Rep. Charity Grimm Krupa (R-Fayette) said Tuesday she is circulating a co-sponsorship memo for legislation that would ensure the state plane is only used for official purposes.

“I am not denying the need for an official plane here in Pennsylvania,” Grimm Krupa said. “However, recent reports have shown a huge uptick in the usage of our state plane. Air travel is convenient, but it’s incredibly expensive, and our taxpayers are footing the bill. My legislation will make sure taxpayer money is used for state business and nothing more.”

Under the Aviation Code, the state airplane is available for “public purposes,” but some loopholes remain that can be abused. Grimm Krupa’s legislation would address those loopholes by requiring the use of the state airplane to be limited to official businesses and passengers may not engage in political activities or attend sporting events, even if those activities or events are incidental to the official business.

“It is not the taxpayer’s responsibility to fund any of the governor’s trips that mix business with pleasure,” said Grimm Krupa.

This legislation would also prohibit lobbyists and those who employ lobbyists from being passengers on the state airplane, along with limiting out-of-state flights to emergency situations only.