Republican numbers are increasing in PA 

April 4 — Voter registration and voting data came out yesterday in Pennsylvania — and the numbers are interesting. 

There have been more than 800,000 requests for mail-in ballots for the upcoming primary election — 75% were Democrats and 25% were Republicans. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It doesn’t matter as much in the primary but that’s undoubtedly a stat that Republicans are looking at for the fall. We know the party and these PACs want to boost that number.”

In the first quarter of this year, statewide, Republicans picked up more than 28,000 new voter registrations. 

The Democrats picked up 3,800 new voter registrations and more than 13,000 Independents were registered. 

Barkdoll said, “So that’s a huge gain for Republicans. Once again, preliminary data is suggesting that what they call Motor Voter, the PennDOT voter registration executive order from Shapiro, is benefiting Republicans. They seem to be gaining more ground, though.”

In Franklin County, Republicans had a net gain of 434 new registered voters. 

Independents saw an increase of 179 voters, while Democrats in Franklin County had a net loss of 30 registered voters in the first quarter.

Barkdoll said, “Interesting trends to watch.”

“Woah,” Pat Ryan said, “That one should not be dismissed too quickly here.”

Barkdoll said, it’s “pretty remarkable. I mean, you can see the trends there. We talk about there’s this gravitation to Independents in a big, big way. But again, for local Republicans, that’s a pretty good pickup in the first quarter while your opponents, the Democrats actually lost a little bit of ground. 

Ryan said, “Franklin County. All in and why wouldn’t you have that given the southern border, given the nonsense at schools, given the giveaways from this ridiculous governor? We want to load you up with dope and we want to give you $1,000, that’s all it’s going to cost you for a college education per semester, while the other state run schools are looking for $32 million more. The numbers don’t match with the guy and he’s out doing photo ops. He’s not here. He’s out in California. He’s out of baseball games, but  He’s the guy is not engaged.”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “I would like to think there is truly an awakening going on. Folks are watching. I mean, when you see last week in New York where President Trump is attending the wake of a murdered police officer, and you have the three figurehead leaders of the Democrat Party having a fundraiser with Lizzo and all the whack jobs of pop culture, raising $26 million, but forgetting to even mention the fallen officers name. It just paints this horrific picture of what the Democrat Party stands for in America and I think people are waking up and saying that’s not me. That’s not my America.” 

Ryan added, “And day after day, too, it’s not just once in a while. It’s oatmeal brain who can put sentences together, screaming at people when he gets agitated. vacationing like crazy. Are you better off with the last guy than you are with this guy?” 

Kauffman said, “When you look at those registrations across Pennsylvania, there’s a gentleman out registering voters all across America, but in Pennsylvania, they’re focusing on gun shows. Many gun owners in these rural parts of America, in states like Pennsylvania, they’re not registered to vote and so he’s been to gun shows in Pennsylvania, registering hundreds and hundreds of voters. That’s one of the ways they’re accentuating that Republican registration.” 

Ryan suggested, “Maybe Franklin County, you take a textbook example of at one point it got just a little too weird, right? And then all of a sudden, was a massive change. You want to do this, that and the other thing. You’re shoving this, that and the other thing down our throats. Then it would be a massive change on Borough Council and Franklin County. You reflect a little bit on that and are you catching up to I’ve had enough. I like my social norms. I like some of the traditions. I want you out of my kid’s drawers and out of my kid’s medical stuff and I’d like to be able to say a thing or two about the education here.” 

Kauffman added, “Then you just look at the mess in the southern border and you see where folks who rush the border, some judge let them out of lock up already. It’s just bizarre stuff that you think I don’t understand what’s happening in America. This isn’t what we asked for.”