Representative John Joyce looks at Afghanistan, the president’s wellness and China’s control over Tik Tok

August 31 — Representative John Joyce stopped by First News to talk with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen about Afghanistan, the president and China this morning.

Afghanistan has been in shambles since the United States’ hasty withdrawal a few weeks ago.

Joyce said, “It is truly a tragedy. It’s a mar on not only the lack of leadership, but the ineptitude that we saw from the Biden administration. Their lack of planning, their inability to prepare for a crisis amidst the withdrawal is what put American lives at risk. Now on the day that Biden fully removed all of the US forces, he failed to address us. He didn’t come and talk to us last night. There was no presser. There was no ability for him to communicate, which he does poorly, but there was no even attempt to communicate to the American people. We realize there were reports that some 300 American citizens might have been left behind in Afghanistan. Biden and his administration need to answer for what has happened to them. Our phones have been ringing. But the failure in leadership is unlike anything we’ve seen in America before. Biden is the most unqualified president that we’ve ever had. He failed to secure our borders. He failed to stop the runaway inflation and he has failed to protect American energy and he has failed to protect us from the crime that is skyrocketing. This foreign policy failure is by far the worst in all of that list. Now is the time for leadership and no one in the Democratic Party is offering that necessary leadership that we need right now. On the world stage, on the national stage, Biden is a failure.”

Jansen said, “I can’t agree with you more. Where’s the leadership anywhere? Where’s the leadership from the military? Where’s the leadership from the Department of State? Where’s the leadership anywhere even in his cabinet? I don’t look at any of his administration, certainly not the Vice President, where is she? Missing in action. Nowhere to be seen. I don’t see anyone stepping up to the plate. Blinken is a disaster. Are you worried what’s going to happen? How are our enemies perceiving all of this?”

Joyce said, “I think that every member of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, is worried. I think that we have no leadership from the executive branch. That point has become so obvious in the last 10 to 12 days. And the images that we have seen since the American forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan and as they were withdrawing from Afghanistan, they’ve been horrible. What the Taliban and what ISIS-K have done constitute war crimes and strongly worded statements from the White House, from the briefing room, that will not stop ISIS-K from committing these crimes. The Biden administration really should have known that this was not an organization that we could trust to keep their word. They have performed on a world platform as a terrorist group. Biden and Blinken and Secretary Austin need to address what’s going on with the Taliban and why they were given such broad latitude in Kabul. We’re seeing the devastating consequences of that. We saw when the 13 brave men and women came back from Dover and what did Biden do? He checked his watch. Well you know what? He should be the pulse and it’s absent. Stop looking at your watch. Start looking at what’s going on in the world. Look what you wrought in Afghanistan. Bear that responsibility and stop looking down and checking your watch because America is not tolerating this. We’re recognizing a lack of leadership and the lack of competence as we’ve heard briefly from Biden speak. He needs to be listening to the people. Take your eyes off your wristwatch.”

Joyce is a medical doctor. What are his observations of the president’s cognitive ability from the beginning to where we are now?

Joyce said, “There has been a decline. He can’t take questions. He looks for someone to guide him on who to ask. He wouldn’t be able to have this exchange that you and I are having here today. He would have to check with his handlers and make sure that Pat Ryan was up for the next question. If he could remember your name. It’s very disappointing. We’ve seen that decline. We’ve seen his inability to take hold as a leader and that decline has been drastic. We’re carefully watching that. I would look to see if his cabinet feels that he is safely in control of the administration. If he’s safely in control of our country. They have to be asking these questions because we’re all looking on and really raising that critical eyebrow of what’s going on with the leader of the free world?”

Jansen pointed out, “We were told over and over again that the adults are back in charge now. I don’t see any adults. I see a bunch of bumbling children pointing fingers at others for blame, not accepting any responsibility and that is really disturbing in terms of our military. Not seeing anyone say there was even a mistake made. I can’t think of a more childish reaction to something than the way they’ve been reacting. I’m a little disturbed by these drone strikes. We were told no civilian casualties. Now we find out there was a family of 10 killed in this. How do we know this isn’t just political cover? I hate to be that skeptical, but they won’t even tell us any information about who was actually killed. Do we know who was actually killed? Is Congress going to be asking these questions and demanding answers?”

“We have,” Joyce affirmed. “We’ve been asking and we’ve been demanding answers. We’ve asked the DoD. I’m on legislation that we receive daily updates. It needs to be put forth. And Pelosi has to be held accountable that that information needs to be shared with us. As we learn the names of the members of our military who were killed in action and the stories of these active, incredible, vital members of communities, my heart really aches for their families. These are people who selflessly answered the call of duty and knowing that they were in danger chose to keep the gate open to help evacuate more Americans. You know what? Their sacrifice should not be in vain. Their work to ensure the safety of the Americans and of the allies who worked with us for over 20 years an under difficult circumstances undoubtedly saved lives. And you know how Biden greeted them when they came back. It looked like we were cutting into his time because he kept checking his watch as these brave men and women, as their remains were brought back to our sacred soil as their families stood in Dover waiting for them, Biden just continued to check his watch. I think that time is ticking and I hope that he steps up to the plate or those behind him in the administration can more forcefully guide what we need to do from a powerful stance. China’s watching us. Russia’s watching us. Iran is watching us. And we feel, members of Congress, that the leader of the free world is not carefully guiding the course of the United States as he turned over billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban. The Taliban who have housed terrorists and once again are in control of Afghanistan. We’ve had 20 years with having a nominal force in Afghanistan. We’ve had 20 years of no further terrorist attacks. I’m concerned. I’m concerned about unleashing the world of terror back onto the United States. As a member who served on Homeland Security, we were aware of the drastic measures that these terrorist groups that now ISIS-K, working hand in hand with the Taliban, will have their impact. In the face of having a very porous southern border, access that these terrorists can come into the United States. We have to once again be on guard. This is not the time to take the posture that Biden has taken. This is the time to protect Americans as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this is the time that we need to secure our borders and make sure that we are the sovereign country and the leader of the free world.”

How worried should we be about China when it comes to their control over the intellectual property on the internet?

Joyce said, “Realize that Tik Tok is owned by the Communist Chinese Party and I’ve talked about that being the spy in your pocket. Tik Tok which many kids get on these days, Chinese Communist Party watches what’s going on and we have the opportunity to shut those off. We as parents have the opportunity to make sure what the kids are watching and not allow them to be part of that. China, and I learned this in the China Task Force, the Chinese Communist Party is really their ultimate agenda is to take control of the United States. Their ability to capture the intellectual property — we’ve sponsored bipartisan legalization that would stop that. Pelosi needs to allow that legislation to come to the floor. What we have right now is with Pelosi and her strong-armed will to stop our protection of the American people. We’re just five votes away from sending Pelosi packing, sending her back to California. Right now it is difficult. I will continue to be in Washington, bringing these issues forward. What I learned on the China Task Force, what I learned being a member of Homeland Security all of those issues have come front and center once again and I will work in Washington to protect the people of south central Pennsylvania.”