Repeat Offender: Chambersburg man arrested on child pornography charges

15 December 2022- A man who moved around Franklin and Cumberland counties frequently is behind bars again after police allegedly catch him with child pornography. David Frank Greenawalt IV is behind bars on $20,000 bail after being charged with 10 counts of felony child pornography.

Greenawalt’s arrest is the result of a multi year undercover case that saw he previously arrested on similar child pornography charges. Police began the undercover operation in January of 2021 and found that a computer was using the p2p file sharing software FrostWire to share child pornography. The IP address of that computer was traced to a home on West Main Street in Waynesboro. At the home, police learned that it was formerly the home of David Greenawalt but he was no longer living there. Greenawalt had allegedly moved to an apartment on W King Street in Shippensburg.

A NCIC check on Greenawalt was conducted where it found that on February 14 of 2018 a search warrant was executed on a home in Lemoyne, PA for alleged child pornography. Police then said that the current case was very similar to the 2018 case, in that Greenawalt allegedly told investigators that he torrented movies, music, and pornography excessively at his home. Greenawalt also allegedly admitted to downloading child pornography and that he was “addicted to it”. Greenawalt was arrested and later plead guilty to possession of child pornography on July 26th, 2021. Therefore, when the 2018 case had wrapped against him he was again under investigation for separate child pornography charges. Greenawalt was released from prison on September 1st of 2022.

The investigation on Greenawalt’s 2021 case continued, with police allegedly finding two phones full of alleged child pornography. According to police, 1,385 pictures and 31 video files of alleged child pornography were found on one of the phones in Greenawalt’s Waynesboro home. Additionally, police allegedly found more files on his other phone.

Greenawalt is again in jail after failing to post bail of $20,000. His preliminary hearing is set for December 21st.

Sources: Incident Number: PA 2021-424492, Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000335-2022