REMINDER: Political and advertising lawn signs are ILLEGAL in public right-of-ways

23 April 2024- The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration is reminding the public that right-of-way along state highways is reserved for traffic control and other approved signs and devices. Both Federal and State law prohibit the unauthorized placement of signs, signals, markings, and devices on or along the state right-of-way. This includes but is not limited to campaign and advertising signs, or other signs that may become potentially hazardous to the traveling Administration right-of-way, including medians, shoulders, and existing traffic sign structures.

Illegal placement of signs presents a potential safety hazard in a variety of ways. It distracts drivers, obstructs their vision and sight distance, and hinders daily maintenance activities such as litter removal and mowing operations. In addition, parking on the side of the road and exiting a vehicle to place signs is extremely dangerous due to adjacent traffic.

Right-of-way areas where unauthorized signs are prohibited may include medians, shoulders, or existing traffic signs, or structures. State Highway Administration right-of-way is generally utility pole to utility pole looking at the cross-section of a road. To verify state right-of-way limits, please contact the State Highway Administration offices ​in your county. Unauthorized signs in the highway right-of-way will be removed and stored at the nearest State Highway Administration maintenance shop for retrieval.

The State Highway Administration is dedicated to keeping state highways safe and beautiful. While illegally placed signs are hazards in and of themselves, they diminish Maryland’s many scenic vistas. For more information on outdoor advertising rules and regulations, citizens can contact their local State Highway Administration office​ for their county.