REMINDER: Expect Hagerstown road closures for Saturday’s Alsatia Mummers’ Parade

26 October 2023- On the evening of Saturday, October 28th, the 96th Alsatia Mummers’ Parade will be held in downtown Hagerstown. The parade begins in the north end of town, and follows Oak Hill Avenue and Potomac Street south through Hagerstown to finish at Wilson Blvd. The parade typically draws thousands of spectators, resulting in severe traffic congestion in the downtown area.

Officers from the Hagerstown Police Department and the Auxiliary Police will direct traffic along the parade route. The parade route will be closed to traffic at approximately 4:45 PM Saturday afternoon, and will remain closed until the completion of the parade. Motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the parade route and surrounding streets.

Emergency vehicles will be able to pass through the parade route, but dispatchers should be aware that severe traffic congestion is likely in downtown Hagerstown during the parade.