Remember when it snows in Chambersburg you have 24 hours to get your sidewalks cleaned up

January 29 — The last couple of snows that have hit the area have seen crews from the Chambersburg borough out cleaning up the streets.

At the same time, those folks were monitoring the sidewalks and how clean they were.

The rule in the borough of Chambersburg is that the sidewalk in front of your home has to be cleared in 24 hours when a snowstorm hits.

When the crews were out, they took pictures of sidewalks that were not cleared after the 24 hour period.

Allen Coffman, borough council president, said, “From what I’m hearing there were hundreds of photographs and places that were viewed all over the borough of Chambersburg. So I don’t know whether they’re all going to end up getting citations for not shoveling their walk and clearing it within the 24 hour period or not. But certainly, I guess it’s been a while since that’s been done because we haven’t had much snow but the need or the responsibility is still there. Whether we had snow for two years or not. You still have to clear your sidewalk within 24 hours when the storm stops.”

The first fine is $50.

Coffman said, “I would welcome them if they’d like to come and tell us why they did and why people I know that are over 70 years old live on corner properties and have two or three times the linear length to do and they get it done. So I’d like to hear why they can’t get it done.”

The American Public Gas Association is in Washington, DC, this week to talk about natural gas with Senators and Representatives.

The Chambersburg Borough is a member of the APGA and Coffman is there as well.

He said, “The fight is still on. They’re still after your gas stove. There’s people who still don’t like natural gas. We can’t do without it. It is one of the energy pieces that we need to use and it’s efficient, economical, and it is safe.”

The borough also belongs to the American Public Power Association.

Coffman said, “They have a meeting a month from now, going to Washington for the same sort of thing to lobby for electric power.”

The next Chambersburg Borough Council meeting will be on February 12.