REMEMBER to Walk Your Wheels in downtown Chambersburg- IT’S THE LAW!

10 June 2024- The Chambersburg Police Department wants to remind our citizens that riding a bicycle or skateboard on the sidewalks in the Downtown area is prohibited. As always, safety is our concern. Many people visit the Downtown area which generates a large amount of pedestrian traffic. Customers exiting businesses have little time to react and collisions can occur. The Downtown area is defined by local ordinance as: 

That portion of the Borough of Chambersburg within the area bounded on the north by East and West King Street, including East and West King Street, on the west by the Western Maryland Railroad tracks (rails to trails), on the south by East and West Liberty Street, including East and West Liberty Street, and on the east by North and South Second Street, including North and South Second Street.

The aforesaid references to streets include the adjacent sidewalks.

Squared and shaded portion of Borough’s official map to define “downtown”

Chambersburg PD has also put out a public service announcement video to emphasize the importance of the phrase “WALK YOUR WHEELS”.