Remember the rules for setting up chairs for this weekend’s Christmas Parade!

16 November 2023- Parades, tree lightings, and Santa! We’re already practically in the Holiday Season even before we even hit Thanksgiving! So if you expect to standby in Chambersburg for the yearly Christmas Parade this coming weekend, make sure you know the rules about setting up chairs, blocking roadways, and everything else.

As per every year before the parade, Borough officials have put together a primer for the uninitiated. Full details on the parade route, timing, and all other major events in the area can be found HERE. Full release about chair rules from the borough can be found below.

The Borough of Chambersburg recognizes that there is a tradition of placing chairs and other objects within the public right of way in order to reserve spots to watch Borough parades.

First, any object placed in the public street that is considered dangerous might be removed without warning as a roadway obstruction per state law; we rely on the Chambersburg Police Department to tell us what is dangerous.

Second, any object placed on a public sidewalk can either a) be removed at any time by the adjacent property owner who is responsible for their sidewalk maintenance or b) will be removed by the Borough of Chambersburg if placed in excess of 12 hours before the beginning of any parade.

For example, if you place an unattended folding chair in front of a store, the store owner, who is responsible for maintenance of their sidewalk, can confiscate it. Further, if you place an unattended folding chair in front of someone’s home, the Borough may remove it as a sidewalk obstruction unless within 12 hours of a parade event.

Please understand that unattended objects do not reserve public spaces and might be removed by the adjacent property owner or the Borough at our discretion. Finally, at no time will the Borough tolerate blocking the corners or pedestrian access ways or allow in any way barricades, ropes, fences, or gates to block the public sidewalks, corners, or parking spaces. These will be removed by Borough crews as soon as possible after witnessed by our Highway Department.

We encourage citizens to reserve spots by simply arriving early for the parade and sitting or standing on the public sidewalks themselves. Do not leave furniture unattended as it will likely be considered trash. Do not install barricades or ropes as these are dangerous.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We look forward to your attendance at the Christmas Parade in Downtown Chambersburg on Saturday, November 18, 2023, starting at 6:00 p.m. The parade is sponsored by the Downtown Business Council.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Borough Customer Service Center at 717-263-4111.