Raking in the dough: Pennsylvania records all-time monthly high gaming revenue for March ’24

17 April 2024- The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) reported today that the combined total revenue generated from all forms of gaming, along with fantasy contests, during March 2024 was $554,625,294, an all-time monthly high eclipsing the previous high revenue month of December 2023 of $534,215,808.

The March revenue figure was also a 7.64% increase over the $515,278,831 revenue figure of last March. 

Internet Casino-Type Gaming (iGaming) continued to be the driver for the overall growth with a 28.95% increase in revenue generated in March 2024 over March 2023.

Sources of gaming revenue regulated by the PGCB include slot machines, table games, internet gaming, sports wagering, fantasy contests and video gaming terminals (VGTs). The PGCB has posted separate reports for these types of gaming on its website, https://gamingcontrolboard.pa.gov/.  

Total tax revenue generated collectively through all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $229,566,989* during March 2024.

The following chart compiles all revenue generated in March 2024 by casinos, along with fantasy contests and VGTs operated by other vendors and includes a comparison to total revenue generated in March 2023.

SourceMarch 2024
Total Revenue
March 2023
Total Revenue
% Change
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$88,176,795$80,928,4288.96%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$88,008,949$68,510,26328.46%
Parx Casino$59,491,008$60,440,432-1.57%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$54,510,221$53,461,9991.96%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$49,982,144$47,247,0555.79%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$34,094,794$35,491,060-3.93%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$27,917,692$26,546,3485.17%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$27,542,944$31,196,409-11.71%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$24,555,270$20,012,09422.70%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$21,220,683$21,323,198-0.48%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$20,894,658$21,718,881-3.79%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$10,982,199$10,529,7384.30%
Hollywood Casino York$10,247,946$9,390,3199.13%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$9,447,528$9,144,7813.31%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$8,688,527$9,472,589-8.28%
Golden Nugget$4,467,658n/an/a
Parx Shippensburg$3,950,153$3,065,54228.86%
Video Gaming Terminals$3,739,380$3,757,506-0.48%
Bally’s Pennsylvania$3,571,292n/an/a
The Casino at Nemacolin$2,031,471$1,643,53823.60%
Fantasy Contests$1,103,979$1,398,651-21.07%
Statewide Total$554,625,294$515,278,8317.64%

March Revenue by Game Type

The PGCB is also providing a synopsis of revenue year-over-year by types of games: 

Type of Gaming RevenueMarch 2024March 2023% Change
Retail Slots Revenue$227,891,331$225,408,0881.10%
iGaming Slot Revenue$135,519,554$104,827,88429.28%
Retail Tables Revenue$85,222,921$85,880,299-0.77%
iGaming Tables Revenue$53,091,910$40,471,43431.18%
Sports Wagering Revenue$45,581,570$50,645,259-10.00%
Video Gaming Terminals Revenue$3,739,380$3,757,506-0.48%
iGaming Poker Revenue$2,474,651$2,889,710-14.36%
Fantasy Contests Revenue$1,103,979$1,398,651-21.07%
Total Gaming Revenue$554,625,294$515,278,8317.64%

Retail Slot Machine Revenue

This March’s revenue from the play of retail slot machines was $227,891,331, a 1.10% increase in revenue when compared to the $225,408,088 generated in March 2023. 

The number of slot machines in operation in March 2024 was 24,886 compared to 25,643 at the casinos in March 2023.  

Slot machine revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows: 

CasinoMarch 2024 
Slots Revenue
March 2023 Slots Revenue% Change
Parx Casino$34,287,431$35,132,544-2.41%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$27,401,508$24,952,4519.81%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$25,245,164$24,914,1811.33%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$16,290,061$16,497,467-1.26%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$15,007,905$15,719,771-4.53%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$14,389,350$13,063,69810.15%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$13,658,998$12,877,3956.07%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$12,774,661$13,876,054-7.94%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$12,228,305$13,140,061-6.94%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$10,023,622$11,429,140-12.30%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$9,831,979$9,902,697-0.71%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$9,344,667$8,938,9234.54%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$8,176,517$8,091,2671.05%
Hollywood Casino York$7,776,133$7,136,7388.96%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$5,773,193$5,356,6627.78%
Parx Shippensburg$3,841,602$2,903,47632.31%
The Casino at Nemacolin$1,840,233$1,475,56324.71%
Statewide Total$227,891,331$225,408,0881.10%

Tax revenue from the play of slots machines in March 2024 was $114,998,778*.

Retail Table Games Revenue

Retail Table games revenue for March 2024 was $85,222,921, an decrease of 0.77% from March 2023 when revenue was $85,880,299.

Table games revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows. 

CasinoMarch 2024 Table 
Games Revenue
March 2023 Table Games Revenue% Change
Wind Creek Bethlehem$20,365,497$19,972,7211.97%
Parx Casino$18,570,562$17,802,0354.32%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$9,320,905$9,001,9143.54%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$8,933,702$8,229,2838.56%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$7,347,017$8,540,581-13.98%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$3,286,889$2,702,82321.61%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$2,992,253$2,904,8053.01%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$2,866,979$2,988,812-4.08%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$2,534,802$2,507,0031.11%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$1,801,394$3,166,496-43.11%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$1,542,583$1,501,8292.71%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$1,469,859$2,603,090-43.53%
Hollywood Casino York$1,462,783$1,621,802-9.81%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$1,270,216$910,85539.45%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$1,159,068$1,102,5445.13%
The Casino at Nemacolin$191,239$167,97513.85%
Parx Shippensburg$107,174$155,732-31.18%
Statewide Total$85,222,921$85,880,299-0.77%

Total tax revenue from table games play during March 2024 was $13,986,818*. 

Internet Casino-Type Gaming (iGaming) Revenue

Casino games offered online generated monthly gross revenue totaling $191,086,114 during March 2024 compared to $148,189,028 in March 2023, an increase of 28.95%.

A breakdown of revenue of casino games offered online is as follows:

Casino OperatoriSlots
iTables RevenueiPoker RevenueTotal iGaming Revenue
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$49,238,553$22,628,019$419,798$72,286,369
Valley Forge Casino Resort$31,109,941$19,720,485 $50,830,426
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$28,583,057$4,045,190$130,992$32,759,238
Harrah’s Philadelphia$7,825,763$2,020,472$555,982$10,402,217
Parx Casino$4,272,694$1,404,171 $5,676,865
Golden Nugget$3,971,467$496,192 $4,467,658
Mount Airy Casino Resort$2,002,914$941,986$1,367,879$4,312,779
Bally’s Pennsylvania$3,034,348$536,944 $3,571,292
Live! Casino Philadelphia$2,680,330$820,838 $3,501,168
Wind Creek Bethlehem$1,775,903$311,386 $2,087,290
Mohegan Pennsylvania$1,024,584$166,226 $1,190,810
Statewide Total$135,519,554$53,091,910$2,474,651$191,086,114

Tax revenue generated from internet gaming play during March 2024 was $82,061,953*.

Total iGaming revenue for each of the casinos during March 2024 and March 2023, if applicable, is as follows:

OperatorMarch 2024
iGaming Revenue
March 2023
iGaming Revenue
% Change
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$72,286,369$62,302,88016.02%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$50,830,426$31,817,90259.75%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$32,759,238$30,548,3087.24%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$10,402,217$4,881,138113.11%
Parx Casino$5,676,865$5,644,9430.57%
Golden Nugget$4,467,658n/an/a
Mount Airy Casino Resort$4,312,779$5,186,941-16.85%
Bally’s Pennsylvania$3,571,292n/an/a
Live! Casino Philadelphia$3,501,168$3,997,450-12.41%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$2,087,290$2,089,618-0.11%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$1,190,810$1,719,849-30.76%
Statewide Total$191,086,114$148,189,02828.95%

Sports Wagering Revenue

March 2024, total sports wagering handle was $800,718,332 or 10.67% above the March 2023 total of $723,545,806. 

At the same time, the taxable revenue figure for March 2024 was $45,581,570, or 10.00% lower when compared to March 2023, when taxable revenue was $50,645,259. 

March 2024 sports wagering total handle and revenue is as follows:

Casino OperatorTotal
Online RevenueTotal Revenue
Valley Forge Casino Resort$333,189,800$180,705$24,173,585$24,354,291
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$209,222,648$172,046$10,561,598$10,733,645
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$51,939,662$207,969$1,548,298$1,756,267
Hollywood Casino at Penn National$54,637,036$235,449$1,410,457$1,645,905
Harrah’s Philadelphia$33,433,001$152,439$1,442,191$1,594,630
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$30,114,208$375,556$1,127,058$1,502,613
Hollywood Casino York$31,934,997$238,386$770,643$1,009,030
Parx Casino$16,666,192$164,481$674,680$839,160
Live! Casino Philadelphia$8,199,239$661,927$44,343$706,269
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$19,501,294$233,432$355,544$588,976
Mohegan Pennsylvania$5,376,276$133,320$153,668$286,988
Mohegan Lehigh Valley2$1,359,066$165,935$0$165,935
Wind Creek Bethlehem$1,348,188$57,763$70,087$127,850
South Philly Race & Sportsbook1$1,209,576$116,990$0$116,990
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$1,160,917$94,949$0$94,949
Mount Airy Casino Resort$470,131$55,902$0$55,902
Parx Shippensburg$65,711$1,377$0$1,377
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$890,390$795$0$795
Statewide Total$800,718,332$3,249,418$42,332,151$45,581,570

Operated by Parx Casino
Operated by Mohegan Pennsylvania
A breakout of the handle between retail and online sportsbooks can be found on the website report. 

Sports wagering revenue for each of the casinos for March 2024 and March 2023, if applicable, is as follows:

OperatorMarch 2024 Sports 
Wagering Revenue
March 2023 Sports 
Wagering Revenue
% Change
Valley Forge Casino Resort$24,354,291$23,884,8581.97%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$10,733,645$12,310,143-12.81%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$1,756,267$3,013,384-41.72%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$1,645,905$2,146,404-23.32%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$1,594,630$1,194,81333.46%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$1,502,613$2,036,298-26.21%
Hollywood Casino York$1,009,030$631,77959.71%
Parx Casino$839,160$1,582,649-46.98%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$706,269$483,28646.14%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$588,976$1,544,347-61.86%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$286,988$282,5841.56%
Mohegan Lehigh Valley2$165,935$120,47637.73%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$127,850$232,264-44.95%
South Philly Race & Sportsbook1$116,990$215,950-45.83%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$94,949$88,9866.70%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$55,902$665,733-91.60%
Parx Shippensburg$1,377$6,335-78.26%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$795$142,659-99.44%
Parx Malvern3n/a$62,311n/a
Statewide Total$45,581,570$50,645,259-10.00%

1Operated by Parx Casino
Operated by Mohegan Pennsylvania
3 No longer operating

Tax revenue generated from sports wagering during March 2024 was $16,409,365*.

Video Gaming Terminals

Total adjusted revenue for March 2024 for video gaming terminals (VGTs) was $3,739,380, or 0.48% lower than March 2023 when revenue was $3,757,506. By the end of March 2024, all VGT Operators offered the maximum permitted five machines at 74 qualified truck stop establishments, compared to five machines at 66 establishments at this time last year.

Truck Stop VGT adjusted revenue for each of the terminal operators during March 2024 is as follows:

VGTs Terminal OperatorMarch 2024 VGT RevenueMarch 2023 VGT Revenue% Change
Marquee by Penn1$2,413,138$2,239,1677.77%
J&J Ventures Gaming2$1,037,408$1,162,180-10.74%
Venture Gaming LLC4$41,206n/an/a
Accel Entertainment Gaming5$6,255n/an/a
Statewide Total$3,739,380$3,757,506-0.48%

1 operated VGTs in 30 establishments during March 
2 operated VGTs in 29 establishments during March 
3 operated VGTs in 10 establishments during March 
4 operated VGT’s in 4 establishments during March 
5 operated VGTs in 1 establishment during March

Tax revenue collected from the play of VGTs in March 2024 was $1,944,478*.

Fantasy Contests

Fantasy Contests revenue was $1,103,979 in March 2024, a decrease of 21.07% over March 2023, when revenue was $1,398,651.

Fantasy Contests OperatorMarch 2024 Fantasy RevenueMarch 2023 Fantasy Revenue% Change
Underdog Sports, Inc.$60,734$49,43522.86%
Yahoo Fantasy Sports$3,452$5,209-33.74%
Fantasy Sports Games LLC$2,599$1,43481.24%
Sportshub Technologies-$7-$4n/a
Jock MKTn/a-$135n/a
No House Advantagen/a$7,047n/a
Statewide Total$1,103,979$1,398,651-21.07%

Tax revenue collected from the play of Fantasy Contests in March 2024 was $165,597*.