Radio City Music Hall saw quite a show last night with Obama, Clinton, and Biden 

March 29 – President Joe Biden held a fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday that included speeches and entertainers.  

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also joined the lineup. 

Stephen Colbert moderated a discussion between Biden, Obama and Clinton.  

The event apparently brought in more than $25 million. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “And a press secretary who cannot speak the name of a murdered New York police officer. That’s where Donald Trump was, paying tribute and honor and being with the family of that fallen police officer. It’s a clear difference where things are in the world between the two of those individuals here.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “$25 million plus is the reporting. That’s an all time record for a political fundraiser in America, but not to be out done, in classic Donald Trump’s style, he announced last night he’s doing a fundraiser next week at Mar-a-Lago and he’s estimating it will bring in $33 million, which will break last night’s record. His event next week is being hosted by hedge fund manager Steve Wynn, the casino magnate is going to be there.”

A number of analysts are pointing out that these campaigns could be ramping up to raise and spend $1 billion on the race this November. 

Barkdoll said, “It’s just incredible how these races have changed over the years. I don’t think there were any huge news stories from this last night. I mean, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama talked. It was pretty much I think what everyone expected that it would be, but you do wonder now, so you see that number, now you’re going to see a big number from Trump next week. Might these kinds of events become more of a norm the next few months as these candidates need to just keep raising money if they’re shooting to get to a billion dollars?”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I’m sort of amazed that now we have the whole contrasting where that was last night and what Donald Trump was doing yesterday. I’m amazed that Democrats don’t see how this looks like they are no longer the party of the working person which they claimed to be.” 

Ryan said, “It’s $100,000 to get a picture with all three of them together.”

Jansen continued, “25 million, oh, record breaking fundraising. Doesn’t that make you the party of the rich elite?”

Barkdoll said, “I would not have chosen that venue. I realize New York has all sorts of attributes for bringing those rich people in but I think the optics of it do look bad. But again, I’m starting to think seeing these numbers and these estimates that are coming out, is this just going to become the new normal? That these guys bring in high level celebrities. There were singers there last night and is this just going to be the new normal they now need to raise a billion dollars to run for president?”

Jansen suggested, “It’s become a business now. It’s whoever raises the most money generally wins. This idea of we’re losing democracy. Come on Democrats. Really? No, we’ve lost democracy when we say it’s a business and whoever has the most money wins. That’s when we’ve lost democracy.”