Quincy Township is Being Sued for Violating PA’s Whistleblower Law

QUINCY TWP – Quincy Township is being sued for violating the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law according to a complaint filed in the Franklin County Court of Commons Pleas Tuesday. Corey Kaiser, former township Road Crew Foreman, who was fired after 16 years of service at the last supervisors meeting on a 2 to 1 vote without public explanation, is now suing the township claiming that his firing among other actions taken against him, was done in retaliation for his cooperation with law authorities in uncovering corruption in the township.

According to the complaint as an employee Kaiser became aware of the conduct of certain officers, elected officials and employees of Quincy Township that violated state and federal laws and wasted resources. Those actions included but were not limited to misuse of services and township property for personal gain, diversion of liquid fuel funds, insurance fraud, use of township employees to perform personal or non-township work, election fraud, and falsification of public records and documents.

It described how Kaiser cooperated with different levels of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies that had opened investigations after they had become aware of the potential corruption occurring in the township. These included the state Attorney General’s office, the Franklin County District Attorney’s office, the Pennsylvania Board of Ethics Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Justice.

These investigations led to the initiation of the criminal prosecution against Quincy Township Supervisor and employee Kerry Bumbaugh, as well as employee Travis Schooley.

The complaint goes on to describe the series of retaliatory actions that transpired after it became known among township officials and employees that Kaiser was cooperating with law enforcement. These included the elimination and modification of healthcare benefits without justification, paying Kaiser less for work performed, passing him over for promotions despite qualifications, creation of a position above Kaiser for the express purpose of finding a pretext to fire him, and false negative evaluations of his work by fellow employees and officials.

The complaint also lists a series of unfavorable job conditions imposed on Kaiser including unnecessary remedial work assignments, removal of previous work privileges, and subjection  to harassment, mental abuse, and other harsh and stressful work conditions.

It also accuses officials and employees of spreading misinformation in the community causing additional harassment by third parties.

Pennsylvania’s Whistleblower Law specifically applies to employees who have made good faith reports of wrongdoing or waste by their employer or who have participated in an investigation by authorities. It protects them from being fired, diminished in their work or compensation, discriminated against or otherwise harassed or threatened in retaliation for their actions.

The suit against Quincy is asking for a judgement in excess of $50,000 and potential other remedies afforded by the law including reinstatement with back pay and benefits, compensatory damages, future loss damages and punitive damages and legal expenses.

According to sources and confirming through Quincy Township meeting information, it appears the worst of the alleged retaliatory actions were taking place from around October 2021 through Mr. Kaiser’s firing August 2nd. Social media posts in recent weeks from family and Quincy Township former official Ed Wilson, another key figure who also cooperated with authorities investigating the township, support the substance of the lawsuit which was discussed in a prior opinion piece found here.