Quincy Township is apparently still having trouble

August 3 – A special meeting on June 29 of Quincy Township saw a number of staff resignations – out loud at the public meeting. 

The recording of the full meeting is up on the NewsTalk 103.7FM website in the interviews section. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Alan Peck is a good man. In my opinion, Alan Peck’s a good guy. And what’s happening out in this township is just blowing my mind. Hearing people do resignation letters and getting emotion out. When I’m thinking about a township meeting, I’m thinking about roads. I’m thinking about bridges. I’m thinking about the sewer. I find it very odd that we’ve got lectures happening from someone now who’s got a Franklin County job, a Franklin County gig after resigning and resigning. We’ve got some real what seems like something out of high school here, in my opinion. It just seems like can we get to a maturity level and can we just do some business for the people that are in Quincy Township?”

At the meeting, staff member Briana Heinbaugh said, “You lead heavy with your heart and truly care about the people you’re surrounded by, along with the residents you work so hard to please. The connections and relationships that you have built and continue to build with the residents are so inspiring to watch. You are Quincy Township’s backbone, rock and pillar. For the community and the residents you truly are living up to the phrase ‘working for the people’.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “It was praise like that for everybody, the administrator, two of the three supervisors, but when it came to Alan Peck, there was all kinds of disparaging comments and that’s what you heard from her and from Laura Justus who resigned and from commenters who got up. It was pretty obvious it was a one way, one note. That was a jammed meeting – 50 plus people and we heard there were lots of disparaging comments being made by other employees towards Alan Peck. There’s a narrative and a message they’re trying to get out and I believe some of the transparency of news media being there made this last meeting this week take on less of that, even though it was a very packed meeting as well.” 

Ryan asked, “What is going on in Quincy Township? And resignation letters being read with emotion?”

Additionally, nearly the whole staff resigned. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It’s really odd and I don’t know what the problem is out there. This has been going on for years out there. I mean, we had a prior supervisor that was charged criminally, there were other staff criminally charged. All of this turmoil, all of these allegations about financial irregularities and other irregularities. I was optimistic when the board turned over that maybe things would just kind of get back to normal on a more even keel, but it seems like the same kind of drama and turmoil is continuing. It’s not good for the people out there. You need a stable government. You need a government that’s operational. Quincy is a quickly growing area. They’re an important part of Franklin County. They are an important part of the Waynesboro School District and it is really unfortunate to see this still happening.”

There will be another seat on the supervisors turning over next year. 

Barkdoll said, “I don’t know if that changes anything or not or does the beat just go on and they’re going to keep having this kind of turmoil?”

Ryan said, “Good grief. It’s something straight out of walking into the first day in high school.”