PSP warning of uptick in confiscations of candy containing THC, magic mushrooms

25 October 2023- The Pennsylvania State Police, Troop H Criminal Investigation Section is reporting an increase in seizures of “candy” containing THC or psilocybin, also known as mushrooms. These “candies” are being found in packaging which mimics packaging of legal, and well-known, candy. The “candies” featured below had recently been seized from the local Troop H area.

THC/Mushroom infused “candy” could easily be overlooked during the Halloween season. While the Pennsylvania State Polcie are not alleging or indicating that these products may be intentionally given to children or teens with the intent to cause them harm, PSP is also reminding parents, guardians, and teachers of the importance of thoroughly checking the contents contained in products consumed by children.

Candy and snack items should be inspected to ensure labels do not contain or reference marijuana or psilocybin ingredients. Such terms include THC, medicated, feature pictures of marijuana leaves, and/or pictures of mushrooms. Additionally, legally purchased marijuana products, including edibles, should be secured and inaccessible to children.

Anyone who may unknowingly ingest such substances should immediately contact 911 for medical assistance. Additionally, anyone coming into possession of such candy should contact their local police department, no matter what state you live or trick-or-treat in.