PSP warning of man caught taking indecent pictures of women at Shippensburg Shopping Center

26 July 2023- Pennsylvania State Police do not have a suspect but have released pictures of a man accused of taking photographs and videos of women without their consent at a Shippensburg area store.

Police were dispatched to the Aldis in the Shippensburg Shopping Center, Shippensburg Township, around 11:15am on July 25th for a man possibly taking pictures without women’s consent. Police say that they reviewed in-store surveillance videos that showed a man taking an up-skirt photograph/video of a female shopper inside the store. After being confronted by the victim, the unidentified man fled the store before police arrived.

The man in the pictures below is being considered a person of interest in this story. Anyone with information about him or the incident should contact PSP-Carlisle. More pictures in a higher quality may be incoming from PSP.