PSP say they are maintaining a “heightened alert posture” following attacks against Israel

12 October 2023- Protests and reprisals following the events in Israel and the Gaza strip have occurred not just internationally but domestically and seem to have no end in sight. Due to not only the initial and ongoing attacks taking place in Israel and the Middle East, but also those reactionary events, Pennsylvania State Police announce they are entering a “heightened alert posture” to protect the Commonwealth’s people and infrastructure.

PSP said in a statement earlier today that “The @PAStatePolice is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Pennsylvanians as well as those traveling through the Commonwealth. We routinely conduct checks on schools, places of worship, and other critical infrastructure as a matter of deterring potential violence.”

They continued, stating “Given events in the Middle East, we are maintaining a heightened alert posture for any facilities which might be at risk.”

While they have not publicly said what these “facilities” may be, threats against Israeli-American and Jewish schools and places of worship have become increasingly prominent.

Earlier today in the UK, multiple Jewish schools in the North of London announced they are closing Friday due to “the interests of the safety of our precious children”, per Sky News. Sky continued, saying Jewish students may have to disguise their school uniforms due to fear of retaliatory attacks from the ongoing Israeli conflicts.