PSP crack iPhone full of drug pictures three years after initial arrest of man in Shippensburg

18 July 2023- Pennsylvania State Police finally charge a Montgomery County man with possession with intent to distribute in Shippensburg after an over three year long investigation. Nafis Dante Walker is charged with felony possession with intent to distribute and felony fleeing apprehension out of MDJ 09-3-01 in Shippensburg. Walker failed to post bail of $10,000.

Around 5:40pm on April 23rd, 2020, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers were on patrol near the College Park Apartments in Shippensburg when they found a black Toyota Camry with two men sitting in the front seats. The officer approached and introduced himself, talking initially to the passenger who had identification. The driver, who is now believed to be Nafis Walker, did not. After initially smelling and confirming the presence of marijuana in the car, Troopers asked the men to wait in the car. It was at this point that Walker exited the vehicle and bolted from police. Troopers tried to keep up but ultimately lost Walker and began an initial probable cause search of the vehicle.

Inside of the car, police allegedly found a small bag containing heroin in the driver’s side door, twenty six clear plastic bags used for drug distribution, and two containers containing cigar wrappers.

Walker was apprehended by Troopers who arrived on scene shortly after, with him being discovered by a Trooper that had just been called. Walker was found to have two iPhones on his person and nearby him.

With both men processed, Police got a search warrant to look through the whole car and allegedly found evidence of drug distribution in it. Troopers allegedly found a large amount of “bulk US currency” in the front console, six rubber bands, a cigar, and suspected marijuana. Additionally, the allegedly found two small bags of heroin inside of some clothes, and a white gusher container with a marijuana leaf on the front containing marijuana inside. After the initial search, police applied for another search warrant for the phones, which were granted. Officers were told, however, it could take years in order to unlock the phones using current technology.

An ion scan on the bulk money was conducted in 2020, with Troopers and members of the PA National Guard Drug Task Force carrying it out. Investigators allegedly found a high presence of narcotics in/on the bills, with cocaine at 33%, meth at 10%, and NG at 21%. The total amount of money seized was found to be $995.

Just about three years after the initial arrest, police were able crack the iPhones for their data from the time of the incident backwards. Police were able to review the data, which allegedly included photographs and videos of Walker holding large amounts of cash/cocaine/marijuana/heroin bags/scales and notes for different dollar amounts. Additionally, police were able to find text messages between Walker and local buyers leading up to the date of the incident in 2020. This all indicates to police, according to police filings, that Walker was making a significant amount of drug sales prior to his initial arrest.

Nafis Walker is behind bars on $10,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for July 26th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000206-2023, Incident No.: PA 2020-565377-A