PSP chase Littlestown man described by Maryland police as “armed and dangerous with violent tendencies” through Franklin, Adams Counties

21 May 2024- A man described by Maryland authorities as “armed and dangerous with violent tendencies, an escape risk, and sexually violent predator” has been arraigned following a chase with PSP Troopers last week. Andrew Raymond Small is behind bars on $250,000 bail after being charged in Pennsylvania with felony fleeing an officer, misdemeanor DUI, disregarding a traffic signal, and driving on a suspended license. Small has a laundry list of past charges in Maryland, but currently has a warrant for his arrest out of Frederick County for two counts of misdemeanor failure to notify changes in address as a sex offender and four counts of misdemeanor false information of sex offender registry.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to a home in Quincy Township after a previous incident near Penn National Drive in Guilford Township earlier in that day. Troopers say that Andrew Small had been in a domestic incident with his girlfriend. Small, police say, had been drinking that day and subsequently left the home in a “boxy vehicle”, later identified as a Scion XB.

After running his name through NCIC systems, Troopers were able to learn that Small had a suspended driver’s license, a full extradition out of Maryland (for the previously listed offenses), and a notice as being “armed and dangerous with violent tendencies, an escape risk, and a sexually violent predator”.

After leaving the scene to look for Small, Troopers say they found his vehicle driving near Penn State Mont Alto, driving on sidewalks and the wrong way down a one way vehicle. Though Troopers lost Small’s vehicle through Mont Alto, they found him blow through a stop sign on PA-997. A chase was then conducted after Small failed to stop for police and continued into Adams County along multiple back roads. During the chase, Troopers say Small was drifting multiple times into middle, left, and right lanes of traffic and around other vehicles.

PSP were able to carry out “legal intervention” against Small’s vehicle around US-30 and Boggs Road in Adams County, with Small eventually being found in the back seat of the vehicle. No specific mention of a crash is in court filings, but documents do show Small was flown out to York Hospital for injuries.

Andrew Small remains behind bars in Franklin County, likely eventually facing extradition to Maryland on the sex offender status charges.

Sources: Maryland Case Number: D-111-CR-24-000360, Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000066-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-637031