PSP chase Kensington, Philadelphia woman down 81 in broad daylight

11 October 2023- A chase at triple digit speeds on 81 in Franklin County ends after police manage to get spike strips down across the busy highway. Brandi Lynn Albano, of Kensington in Philadelphia, is charged with felony fleeing an officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, reckless driving, careless driving, improper display of registration plates, disregarding traffic lanes, and driving at unsafe speeds. Albano failed to post bail of $50,000.

PSP Troopers were on regular patrol midday on October 10th when a Trooper spotted a vehicle using the I-81NB onramp from Exit 16, Lincoln Way East. The vehicle allegedly was failing to display a registration plate. After flipping on emergency lights to induce a traffic stop, the car with no plates allegedly accelerated onto the highway to get away.

Troopers engaged in a chase with the silver Nissan Altima for a total of 8 miles on I-81NB. The Nissan allegedly hit speeds of up to 109 miles an hour, accelerating through lanes and at one point leaving the laned roadway and driving on and off the shoulder.

PSP Troopers were able to lay down spike strips around mile marker 22, north of the Scotland exit. The strips worked and the driver, now identified as Brandi Lynn Albano, was taken into custody. Police also list her as being uncooperative in their arrest, refusing to put up her hands and comply with requests for arrests.

Brandi Albano is behind bars on $50,000 bail. Her preliminary hearing is set for October 17th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000226-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-1326590