PSP charge York man in Shippensburg with drug distribution crimes, corruption of minors

19 July 2023- A traffic stop just outside of Shippensburg lands a York man in jail when police allegedly find multiple guns and drugs inside the car with a minor. Jamar Lo Johnson Elmore is charged with felony possession with intent to distribute, misdemeanor corruption of minors, and summary charges of speeding and restrictions on alcoholic beverages. Johnson Elmore is free on an unsecured bail of $10,000.

On January 30th of 2023, Pennsylvania State Police in Cumberland County were on patrol near mile marker 33 of I-81 when they allegedly spotted a vehicle speeding. When the car was stopped, police identified the driver as Jamar Johnson Elmore of York, who allegedly told them that he was travelling from his home to Shippensburg. Police also identified a passenger in the backseat as well as a juvenile in the front seat. The juvenile has been listed in police reports as a co-defendant, but as of now he has not been charged as an adult.

Troopers initially allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the car, and they were subsequently asked if there were any drugs or guns in the vehicle. Having denied that, Johnson Elmore was asked to step outside the car for field sobriety tests. Passing them, police then asked to be able to search the vehicle.

While searching the car, police allegedly found an unopened bottle of Seagrams alcohol. Officers allegedly observed what is now known to be a digital scale falling from the pants of juvenile defendant, known as DG in reports. A terry frisk was conducted on DG, with them allegedly finding firearms from the juvenile’s waistband. Additionally, police searched a handbag that DG was holding onto, finding more firearms and a small amount of marijuana. Police identified the guns as a Glock 20, a black Canik pistol, and a tan polymer 80 with no serial number.

The men and juvenile were transported to PSP for processing and a search warrant was obtained for a thorough search of the vehicle. During the search, police allegedly found bags of marijuana, an Apple Macbook, three loose 9mm handgun rounds, and an unopened bottle of Seagrams alcohol. Since police allegedly found drugs and handguns in the vehicle that was both driven and registered to Johnson Elmore, he is charged with corruption of minors due to the presence of the juvenile.

Jamar Johnson Elmore is free on an unsecured bail of $10,000. His preliminary hearing is set for July 26th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000201-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-129912