PSP arrest man wanted in connection to deadly 2021 DUI crash on I-81 in Franklin Co.

26 May 2023- Nearly two years after a deadly crash on I-81 in Franklin County, a South Carolina man is finally arraigned on felony homicide during DUI charges. Matthew Dylan McCloud is charged with felony homicide by vehicle while DUI, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, felony aggravated assault while DUI, three separate counts of misdemeanor DUI, misdemeanor marijuana possession, and three traffic offenses. McCloud is free on an unsecured bail of $50,000.

On September 22, 2021, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers were dispatched around 6:20am to the scene of a passenger car that had crashed into a tractor trailer on I-81SB. That accident allegedly occurred near the weigh station at mm10.5.

Police found a gray Ford F-150 that had sustained extensive damage from hitting the trailer of the semi. Fire personnel were already attending to the passenger, who was being extricated by cutting the roof off the F-150. While examining the semi, police found Matthew McCloud with minor cuts and abrasions on his hands and arms. The passenger in the F-150 was allegedly unconscious but breathing and was heavily entrapped.

Police were able to obtain dash cam footage of the crash from an uninvolved vehicle. During the footage, the running lights of the vehicle and its trailing lights were on but the F-150 was allegedly travelling south on the entrance ramp to the weigh station. The pickup then travels onto the berm of the roadway and struck the trailer of the parked semi directly from behind. The brakes look to engage on the F-150 just prior to impact, as do visible attempts to avoid hitting the trailer.

McCloud was interviewed at the scene, where he allegedly admitted to be the driver of the vehicle that hit the trailer. He allegedly told Troopers that he had fallen asleep at the wheel and had been battling staying awake for a significant period of time. Troopers then sent McCloud to Meritus Medical Center and interviewed him again there. McCloud allegedly told them that he was travelling from Massachusetts to Tennessee and had stopped to sleep for two hours along the way. During the interview, McCloud allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana about two hours prior to the accident. Soon after, McCloud allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and collided with the tractor trailer.

Around 9am, McCloud had blood drawn to determine if he was under the influence when the crash happened. On October 26th, 2021, McCloud’s results were given to PSP. Matthew McCloud was found to have both THC, Carboxy-THC, and OH-THC in his blood after the crash.

The front seat passenger was taken to Meritus Medical Center by Chambersburg EMS. Identified as Alan Uriel Redin by his Mexican ID card, Redin was pronounced dead at 7:46am, about an hour and a half after the crash. According to an autopsy report from the Maryland Chief Medical Examiner, Redin died as a result of multiple injuries in the accident. Police say these injuries included abrasions, contusions, and lacerations to the head, multiple rib fractures, pulmonary contusions, blood in the airways, tissue hemorrhages, liver lacerations, multiple broken bones, and more.

A subsequent search of the F-150 driven by McCloud found a black metal case containing two suspected “marijuana cigars” inside of it.

Matthew McCloud was listed on PSP-Chambersburg’s Five Most Wanted list for these charges. He is currently free on an unsecured bail of $50,000. His preliminary hearing is set for June 20th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000052-2023, Incident Number: PA 2021-1290017