PSP Announce Arrest

LOWER MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP – Shelley Noreika, 47, of Newville has been charged with “Aggregated Assault, Strangulation, Endangering the Welfare of Children, & Simple Assault.”

According to the public release report: “This incident occurred between 12/20/17-1/21/21. During the course of this incident, the victims, ages 6-9, reported a series of physical abuse by Noreika.”

“The victims, aged 5-9, disclosed being physically struck with a wooden paddle and wooden backscratcher on the bottom of the feet, hands, and bare buttocks by Noreika.

Victim #1 (age 7) advised she was struck in the head with her “pump pole” after loosening it.  Victim #1 was placed on the hot kitchen stove and also the wood burner stove causing burning and pain to her buttocks.  The accused then told a doctor that the victim burnt her buttocks on a hot slide.  The victim disclosed the accused stepped on her belly.  The accused told the victim how to “do a seizure” at which time she would direct the victim when to do the seizure.  She instructed the victim to turn her feet inward when she walked (which made her appear handicapped).

Victim #2 (age 9) advised his hand was placed on the wood stove and pushed downward.  The Accused also picked him up on multiple occasion by the throat and slammed him on the floor.  He advised it was hard for him to breathe and he “passed out.”  On one occasion he recalled having meat for dinner that night and being unable to swallow the meat because his throat hurt so bad.

Victim #3 (age 6) advised the accused told him to pull down his pants and picked him up and placed him on the wooden stove while it was on.  He described his bottom hurt and “it felt like she killed him.”  The victim disclosed the accused stepped on his belly.  On a separate occasion the accused picked the victim up by the throat and choked him, causing him to have difficulty breathing and “falling asleep.”

The accused bit all three children’s fingers causing pain.

On 6/30/21, an arrest warrant was served on Noreika at her residence.

Noreika is charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Assault, Strangulation.  She was transported for arraignment at which time she was given $25,000 secured bail.  Noreika was processed and committed to the Cumberland County Prison.  A preliminary hearing is currently scheduled at District Court 09-3-02 on 7/15/21”

Information provided by Trooper Ammerman, Public Information Officer- Troop H, Pennsylvania State Police