PSP allegedly find Orrstown man with copious amounts of drugs while passed out Scotland gas station

15 March 2024- An Orrstown man is facing numerous charges, including felony possession with intent to distribute, after PSP allegedly find him passed out at his steering wheel while they were filling their own gas tanks. Dakota Hunter Pringle is charged with felony possession with intent to distribute, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanor DUI. Pringle is free today on an unsecured bail of $50,000.

PSP Troopers were called to assist two other Troopers who were refueling their own cruiser at the Pit Stop gas station on Doron Drive, Greene Township just before 6am on March 15th. This is because the Troopers who were at the gas station say they found an adult male unconscious behind the wheel of a silver Subaru at an adjacent gas pump with the vehicle still running. It was later allegedly revealed through an interview with the station attendant that that driver, identified as Dakota Pringle, had been at that spot for “over an hour”.

Upon arrival, Troopers observed the man waking up but dazed and confused as well as having bloodshot and watery eyes. After he was asked to exit the vehicle, Troopers say the man exhaled heavily and looked toward the ceiling of the vehicle without moving for around 13 seconds. He then finally got out of the vehicle and was identified as Dakota Pringle.

PSP say that they observed the stem of a glass pipe in the door handle area of Pringle’s vehicle prior to their field sobriety tests. Those tests, Troopers say, were consented to in part by Pringle but he reportedly refused to complete several portions of them.

Based on numerous signs of impairment, Troopers arrested Pringle and took him into custody, bringing him only a few hundred feet away to PSP-Chambersburg. A search of Pringle’s vehicle allegedly found over 2oz of crystal methamphetamine, over an ounce of marijuana, $1,280 in cash, 61 small plastic baggies, a butane torch, a glass pipe with marijuana residue, a glass pipe with meth residue, a scale with white residue, and a glass vial with meth residue. When interviewed again, Pringle reportedly told police that he purchased the drugs that same night in Hagerstown.

Dakota Pringle is free on an unsecured bail of $50,000.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000049-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-335539