Protests on UCLA campus turn violent – but how many of these protesters are actually students? 

May 1 – Pro-Palestinian protestors on the campus at UCLA were told yesterday that their encampment on the grounds was unlawful and violated university policy. 

The group was told to disperse. 

Just before midnight, though, a group of counter-protestors began tearing down the encampment. 

The pro-Palestinian group fought back and that’s when things got ugly. 

At one point, fireworks were set off amid fist fights and objects were thrown. 

Campus security was on scene and eventually the Los Angeles Police Department was called in. 

The extent of injuries is unknown at this point. 

Also, in Texas, more than 100 people were arrested with these continuing protests across the country. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7 FM pointed out, “I think it’s pretty obvious that we see that this is organized and coordinated. The fast movement from Columbia to City College, the fact that they arrested half in Austin that are not students. They’re probably paid activists. You see the students being trained, coached to say, ‘that’s a narrative. I will not engage when anybody questions them. You can obviously see that. The last thing we need is another Summer of Love, where cities and towns burn. People were hurt and intimidated, violent crime erupted, property damage, and some people were even killed. I think we were taken off balance by that in 2020. I can’t see that people are necessarily going to fall for this again.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll added, “There’s a statistic from the University of Texas at Austin. They arrested over 100 people at these protests yesterday. Over half of them were not students, which plays into what we’ve been saying the past week. I’ve been suspicious that there’s a lot of non-students here. Last night at nine o’clock at Columbia, hundreds of NYPD officers went in and they cleaned up that campus. They got everyone out of that encampment. Police got everyone out of that building that those protesters had repossessed. So things are now back to order at Columbia. But look at the NYPD statement from last night. Again, they are confirming many of these people that they arrested were not students. They classified some of these as what they call professional protesters. Some of these people have been on NYPD radar for years as kind of just troublemakers. They show up whenever there’s some kind of unrest. They try to assimilate or blend into the crowd and then they sow further chaos and it sounds like that’s what a lot of this was there. You’re seeing the same reporting from UNC Chapel Hill, major skirmishes last night at UCLA. It does seem like with Columbia last night, are the administrators finally taking a firmer stance and getting law enforcement involved just to shut this stuff down from square one?”