Pro-Palestinian protests outside the White House over the weekend bring destruction

June 10 – Thousands of people gathered outside the White House over the weekend to protest the war in Gaza, particularly the Biden administration’s handling of Israel. 

The group set up encampments in the Ellipse, the park south of the White House. 

Protesters came on buses from cities around the country. 

Some people threw smoke bombs into the yard at the White House and spray painted statues.  

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Some reports are that they did quite a bit of damage and destruction to statues around that area. These are federal park police. Very few arrests, if any, were made. The irony is, many of these people were protesting Joe Biden. They still think he is too pro Israel. You look at a lot of their signs and chants, they’re calling for him to do things. And of course, he was nowhere around. He was thousands of miles away. But in any event, the protesters broke up. They didn’t camp all weekend. That was one of the fears going into Saturday night. But it is remarkable that you see this group, I saw a report that there may have been upwards of 2000 people involved in this protest, and you see the smoke bombs, and the red paint they’re putting on statues and the idea that there wasn’t one arrest made, or maybe fewer than one or two arrests, is pretty remarkable, and it does make what’s going on with the Federal Police, to the extent even some secret service agents may have been involved in quelling that protest. It’s pretty remarkable. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “They weren’t just protesting Hamas. Let’s be clear about this. There was also ‘kill the pigs’ and things like that being expressed, too. This is an ideology that’s infected some of these young kids’ minds and then some of these activists that are paid or just believe in it so much they come in too, along with any young people who are just getting this message consistently, especially in colleges. It’s not just that they want these poor Palestinians not to be heard. That’s not it. This is an anti-authoritarian, anti-authority, anti people who they say are oppressed everywhere in the world and in this country too. So this is just an extension of that ideology that these kids and some people have just adopted, and it’s also those who want to create chaos. But funny, thousands, really, coming down, stopping the police from doing their job. They attempted to arrest one man and then were prevented by the crowd, and he got away. I would think this is a huge incident that needs to be investigated. I don’t know why January 6 was so bad when they were trying to interfere with official things. What about this? Why is this not seen as a threat to the Capitol?”

Barkdoll suggested, “Well, there was no official business being interrupted here, I guess there would be one argument. But to your point, I see there are calls for investigations. There’s big coverage in today’s Washington Post about this, and there are some calls saying why weren’t more arrests made? Look, they’re allowed to protest. They’re out in these public areas, that’s protected. They’re certainly not allowed to deface statues and throw things at the police, which apparently happened, but the reporting is a lot of these protestors were being bused in from New York City and Philadelphia and those college encampment groups were behind a lot of this. I do think that there could be some oversight here. Maybe it would start in the House. What’s going on? I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some police and authorities called in saying, why did these people just seemingly get away with this? Why weren’t arrests made when you could clearly see that they were defaming federal property?”