President Joe Biden spent some time in Pennsylvania Sunday– let’s dig into where we are with the 2024 election

July 8 – President Joe Biden was on the campaign trail yesterday and he spent some time in Philadelphia, where he stopped at a church. 

The stopping included mental as well as physical. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The blank stare at the usual black church stop. It’s a must during the campaign season for any Democrat.” 

It has become interesting that some lawmakers have decided to continue to back Biden. 

Polling has shown former president Donald Trump gaining in PA for his 2024 election bid. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said for the Bob Casey camp, “I’m sure there’s been some internal debate about this. Do you stay with him? Do you distance yourself? For now, Casey is still supporting Biden, but watch that dynamic, because the reporting is going into the weekend, Senator Mark Warner from Virginia, he was convening a meeting yesterday among Democratic Senators, to maybe get a push going for Biden to step down. Now that meeting got canceled, but the report says it’s happening tomorrow at noon. It’s now going to be a lunch meeting. Congress is back from recess today, and it will be interesting to see, does Warner’s plan get any traction, and if it does get traction, how many Democrat Senators get on board with it and what does somebody like Casey do? He’s in a swing state. He’s in a tough reelection battle. Is it more beneficial with him to stay with Biden or to walk away from Biden? So I’ll be very curious to see if his name comes out on that list tomorrow.”

Ryan asked, “Is Casey in a tough reelection battle, though?”

Barkdoll admitted, “Well, maybe not. I mean, so on paper, it seems like it should be, but there was more polling last week that shows Trump ahead in Pennsylvania growing. The latest poll has him up by seven or eight points, but the same polling shows Casey up by that same amount, which tells me there are a lot of Pennsylvania voters splitting their tickets, people voting for Trump and voting for Casey. It’s the only way you can explain that disconnect. Now, McCormick, he’s out with a big ad spend right now trying to tie Casey to Biden and other liberal policies. Whether that gains any traction or not remains to be seen. If the election were today, Trump would win Pennsylvania and so would Casey.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “It’s amazing. I’m looking at headlines associated with what’s going on. You know for a fact, if even a 10th of what’s going on when the Democratic Party was happening in the Republican Party, there’d be all kinds of headlines about chaos and division. You don’t see that. All you see are headlines saying, well, there are some prominent House Democrats who want Biden to exit. There’s these very calm headlines saying about how this group or that group either supports Biden staying in or staying out. I just think the light shone on the media and so called journalists over this past couple weeks has been simply breathtaking and amazing. If people aren’t paying attention and are less sure about the media than they’ve ever been, I mean, I know I am. Whiplash is the only way I can describe it, where you have media outlets going back and forth, either asking him to leave immediately, or no, we have to stay with Joe, even some of the same people, Democrats speaking out of both sides of their mouths. The Sunday show I found very interesting on Fox News, they said they were in contact with dozens of Democrats that they tried to get on to defend Joe staying in. They couldn’t find one taker, not one.” 

Barkdoll added, “Jim Clyburn canceled his appearance yesterday on Face The Nation, which a lot of people were reading into that. We know he’s one of Biden’s biggest defenders in the House, and very abruptly canceled his appearance. There’s clearly discomfort among Democrats in the House and the Senate being Biden’s surrogate.”

Don’t forget, Biden had a sit down interview with George Stephanopoulos on Friday. 

Barkdoll continued, “I think the general consensus is Biden came out looking worse after that interview. He said he couldn’t even recall if he watched the debate and ABC played that unedited both on Friday and again on the Sunday show yesterday. People can watch that and draw their own conclusions. He did not look good, and I think that’s what a lot of people are watching, making them nervous.”

There is also a scheduled press conference for this Thursday with just Biden and the press. 

Barkdoll wondered, “Could you start to see tipping points? I mean, what if he has another huge gaffe, or an awful performance like he did in the debate? Could something like Thursday’s press conference be what pushes him off the stage? But as we’re talking here Monday morning, Biden keeps doubling down. He’s saying he is not leaving the race. No one is going to talk him out of the race. In spite of all of this reporting about key elected officials asking him to get out, there’s also reporting now this morning, that big Democratic donors, they’re pushing for what they’re calling a blitz primary. They want Biden out. They want to get four or five other viable candidates on the stage and do what they call a blitz primary. Four or five debates over the next few weeks, and then let the convention delegates in Chicago pick a new ticket come August. So it’s a very fluid situation at this point.”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “The Democrat establishment on the national level is stumbling around. Obviously have no idea which way to turn for their future. I would say this is going to be a rough couple of months for the National Democrats and their attempt to determine how to move forward, because they’re definitely handicapped at the moment.”

Ryan added, “I remember seeing the Franklin County Democrat committee a couple of weeks ago proudly displaying their Biden Harris sign. I’ve got to wonder if that post even still exists, and if now that the new marching orders have been let out it’s okay to not necessarily be completely behind their candidates there, I wonder if they’ve gotten that memo yet.”

Kauffman said, “It’s fascinating watching in the national mainstream media as well as the Democrat establishment, you know how they quickly pivot away from what they’ve been saying for the last months and years. It is really entertaining to watch the quick change and how they try to erase the history of what they’ve said over the past three and a half years, and tell us that we were seeing things.”

Ryan asked, “Isn’t the push right now, I’ve seen a number of stories that says Kamala is the heir apparent here? Maybe it’s Kamala and Josh or Kamala and Gavin, but it looks like, from the articles that I’ve seen, that they’re lining up behind Kamala Harris, which is great news, either or of either two of the mush brains.”

Barkdoll suggested, “If you’re Trump, you are hoping and praying that Biden or Harris are the candidates here, because if those two are off, I think we’ve got a whole other ball game. But it does look like more people, Democratic leadership and donors are lining up behind Harris, but again, some groups are saying, let’s just do an open primary. Let’s put her in with a mix of four or five others. She’s very unpopular, so I think Democrats are going to have the same problem with her. Another thing to watch with her, there is some theory right now, could Biden drop out of the race once the Republican Convention starts? That’s next week. It’s hard to believe. Here it is, he could drop out during the convention next week, which would dominate the news. Of course, it would overshadow the convention. It’s also going to force Trump to make his VP pick before he knows exactly who the Democrats are running for president. There’s a school thought out there that that could be what Biden is doing between now and next Monday. But I think if Harris becomes the nominee, Trump is going to be in really good shape if she’s the leader of the ticket.”

Jansen said, “The equity bind they’ve put themselves in with Harris, I think there’s been a lot of testing of those waters. I think that’s why you couldn’t find anyone willing to come on to the Sunday shows and say too much, because they had to see where things are going to fall. I think they’re finding out that there are a lot of black Americans, particularly women who are just not going to track for Harris being pushed over or pushed aside. Of course, I wish the reality would be addressed that this woman has accomplished almost nothing as vice president, not to mention she’s not articulate. She has her word salad way of talking. She’s so unpopular. Why they put a vice president in there that couldn’t even manage to get 2% when she was running for president to back her is just stunning to me and they’re sticking their finger in the air. This idea of a blitz primary, wait, I’m sorry, who’s the one? Which party’s being anti Democrat at this point? Because you might say, well, that’s a Democratic way, not at this stage of the game. This is absurd. How does that even work legally? Do they even know? This idea that they were going to try to somehow smooth over, pushing Harris aside by saying, we’re going to let the people decide. If you wanted this, why didn’t you have a real primary? Why did you allow the selection of this guy that people knew, even back then, or certainly in the last year, wasn’t capable of this? There’s nothing new about the revelations of the capabilities of this man, and yet we’re trying to pretend like this is all kosher. I don’t understand why we’re not hearing more screaming from well, who at this point, I guess, to call out the media, the White House and the cover up, the vast cover up of this man’s incapability.” 

Barkdoll said, “There is some post debate polling that shows Harris performing slightly better than Biden, now still not eclipsing Trump, but slightly better than Biden. But to look at it from afar, there is no doubt a lot of these people having these meetings, their main goal is they want to win, and I think they’re quickly making the determination here that they’re not going to win with Biden and Harris. Legally, can they do it? Yes. I mean, the convention delegates, technically, in August, they could nominate anyone they want. However, remember, those delegates have been elected, and they pledged their support for Biden, so the only way they can get released is if Biden voluntarily gets out of the race, maybe he would endorse Harris. Maybe he just does nothing, lets it up to the delegates to decide. But I think the strategists are looking at this dynamic of, what if you had four or five Democrats emerge that are running? Could you kind of catch lightning in a bottle? You can imagine the momentum and the attention that this kind of dynamic would create. Think of three or four prime time debates over the next month, and all of the coverage, the money that that would likely generate, and the enthusiasm, I mean, all these polls show that people would love to have two different candidates. I have a feeling these are the discussions going on behind closed doors. But again, will Biden voluntarily step off the stage? At this point, he’s saying, no, he’s in it until the end, is what he’s claiming. We’ll see if that changes this week.”

Ryan laughed, “Can you just imagine, it’s Kamala V Trump at a debate?”

Barkdoll said, “The other interesting thing, there are still those debates scheduled. There’s another presidential debate scheduled in August, and there’s a vice presidential debate that the campaigns had committed to in October. One is going to be on ABC, the other one is going to be on CBS. Where does that go? Because after last week’s disastrous debate, Trump said, I don’t know that I’m going to debate this guy anymore. There’s nothing more for me to show or prove. But yet, could you imagine if it would be Harris versus Trump, or fill in the blank, versus Trump, and then that even, I think, further amplifies this vice presidential situation, which by the way, you’ve got to see a choice here from Trump shortly. The convention starts Monday. He’s quickly running out of time to make his public announcement on who this is going to be, and there’s just a lot of speculation as to who this person is going to be.”