President Joe Biden is coming to Pennsylvania

January 4 – President Joe Biden was supposed to come to PA on January 6, but because of the expected snow, the event will be moved to tomorrow. 

It’s being advertised as the kickoff to the 2024 campaign and will take place in Valley Forge. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “He’s going to give a speech there about democracy and then he’s going to South Carolina to that Charleston church where a lot of people were shot and killed years ago and he’s going to give a speech there also as part of the campaign. I don’t know if this gets much traction. I mean, these are the kinds of events that are largely going to be filled with his supporters and we know that this is somewhat counter programming because we know that we’re within two weeks now of Iowa. There’s going to be some Republican television debates. Trump is having a Town Hall against the Haley/DeSantis debate on CNN. So we’re probably going to see a lot more of these kinds of things starting up here as early as tomorrow.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I find it incredibly disturbing that the current President of the United States, these next two events are nothing but divisive fear mongering. They just want to keep the narrative going that there are just these droves of conservatives that are angry and hateful and want to kill people and want to take over the government. It’s such a lie. It’s such an unbelievable lie because when you think about it, January 6, almost from hours after it stopped, they started this narrative going. Remember they kept putting up razors because there’s going to be these hordes of MAGA Republicans just coming to storm the Capitol. No, there wasn’t. There weren’t even I don’t think two or three protesters. Is it this lie, this great narrative and going back years to a shooting that happened years ago? It was a tragic event. It certainly wasn’t demonstrative of a lot of people in this country. One disturbed individual with some stuff on his YouTube page was not demonstrative at all, but this is the narrative, this is the false narrative that there are just droves of people who are conservative, who are just ready, blood thirsty and ready to come out and slit your throats if you would want to promote democracy. For the most supposedly unifying president, for the guy that was supposed to come in and be an adult in the room, for the guy that was supposed to reach across the aisle. They can’t really hide the fact that this is their whole strategy for getting him back into office again.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “You remember that terrible speech that the worst president of the United States history here had with two Marines flanking him, a big red backdrop, and him screaming at people. He’s a lunatic.” 

Barkdoll recalled, “That was also in Philadelphia, a year or two ago. I think all of this is strategic. I mean, there’s no doubt there’s pollsters and these politico’s that are advising on these issues. Watch these speeches. He’s likely going to bring up Donald Trump’s quote a couple of weeks ago saying that he will be a dictator, at least on day one. He’ll probably bring up Trump’s quote about when Trump said he would like to rip up the Constitution. These are all wedge type issues that they feel, the Biden camp would feel, would move a few of these moderates, people that maybe are still undecided, or people that are not very what they would call the super voters, people that may not be inclined to vote. These are all ways to gin-up that base. Now again, at this point, Biden’s basically unopposed in the primary. So to the extent he needs turnout for the primaries is not the issue. It’s really going to have to be in November. But I think unfortunately, you’re going to start seeing more and more of this as basically counterprogramming to what’s becoming primary season, where all the media attention and focus will be on these Republican states coming up, Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada and then we’re actually not going to be that far away from Super Tuesday and he doesn’t want to lose the spotlight while that is going on.”

Jansen said, “But it’s irresponsible. He’s the president of the United States and maybe some pundit out there can do this, maybe the people running around with the campaign strategy could do it. He’s the president of the United States. It’s so we’re responsible. You do have hordes of young people right now attacking people based on the ideologies that unfortunately his party is pushing right now. It’s not hordes of people on the right doing it. It’s hordes of people on the left doing it or the left progressive part doing it and he’s only going to make those people more irrational as he keeps fomenting this fake false narrative of something that doesn’t even exist except in people’s minds.”

Barkdoll said, “I’m still not 100% convinced he’s the nominee. What I mean by that is, yes, he’s running basically unopposed. He’s going to get the delegates to receive the nomination. I still wonder if there’s a scenario this summer at the convention, does he step aside and do the Democrats, the delegates, select someone else to run? I mean, again, poll after poll, his approval ratings are in the tank. You saw the polling out earlier this week, even with Hispanics now Trump has higher favorability among that group than Biden does. There’s no way I don’t see Biden winning a general election if he can’t get big numbers from those groups and all of these polls coming out do not show him improving at all. Now maybe this Valley Forge event tomorrow and then South Carolina later, is going to be an attempted reset for him, but assuming that those numbers don’t improve, and they’ve been declining now for months, I don’t see the path for him. It is early. A lot can change between now and November, but as we sit here today, January 4, his numbers are not good at all for reelection purposes.”