President Joe Biden had a physical yesterday, but no cognitive testing

February 29 – US President Joe Biden had his annual physical yesterday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He is 81 years old. 

The physical did not include any cognitive testing. 

The doctor said he is fit for office from a physical standpoint. 

Pat Ryan pointed out, “We see the air handshakes, we see this stumbling. We see this shuffle. We hear the words out of this occupant of the White House that are all jumbled up here. Where is the cognitive test? All you lefty Democrats out there screaming bloody murder to have President Trump done, where are you now?”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “They do talk about the problems with his gait and his foot and some of that, but the cognitive testing, both of these candidates refused to engage in it. The reason I say both is because remember, this is a big piece of Nikki Haley’s platform. She’s saying anyone running for federal office over the age of 70 or 75, must undergo cognitive testing. I think Biden would do himself good if he did it. Obviously, if he would pass, they would make a big issue of it. But he knows and his handlers know they don’t want him to do it because they know they’re fearful that he would fail it and they don’t want that information out there.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “The basic cognitive takes about 15 minutes and they said, oh, well, he proves it every day that well, why not just do it then? Just do it. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just make at least the minimum cognitive test just standard in any presidential physical for any age.” 

Barkdoll said, “If I were advising Trump and Biden, I would tell both of them to do it. Even for Trump, think about the hay he could make if he went and did the cognitive test and put that out publicly and said, look, I’ve done it, why won’t my opponent go do it? Such is our world now. You look around the Senate in general. There are a lot of people in Congress in their 80s. We even have some in their 90s. Oddly, there’s all these other aspects of our world. If you want a job in certain things you must undergo testing, but not to serve in elective office. There’s no such test.” 

Ryan said, “Mitch McConnell would be one of those guys. You saw that blank, dumb stare out of that one.”

Barkdoll recalled, “Twice he froze in the middle of a press conference and they’ve never disclosed what that was about other than generically to say he was having a medical episode. No details ever released on that.”

Ryan asked, “How about Dianne Feinstein? Or Fetterman who would crow votes because of how he was dressed from the cloak room. What the hell is going on? I saw a wonderful tweet here that was so good I captured it. It goes along the lines of Americans are being forced into paying people in state and local government that refuse to do the jobs that they’re paid for, leaving the taxpayers to deal with an untold number of problems that shouldn’t exist. We work hard and they take, take, take from us and squander it away as we suffer. It couldn’t be more true. It’s right in front of our very eyes. But apparently we don’t have the appetite to engage and you get the government you have voted for.”

Jansen added, “And now we know that there’s going to be a lot of harvesting of a bunch of people who are either so young they really don’t understand what’s going on and we know they’re getting fairly brainwashed in college and used by influencers. Honest to goodness the idea that Democrats are so proud to go out and harvest the votes of these little know-nothings. They know they’ve been ‘activatized’. They’re the ones screaming ‘we’re so sympathetic’. We’re so empathetic. We’re the good kind people, and they haven’t a clue of how these policies will impact their lives. But let’s go harvest those votes. Yeah, let’s go do it. You are intellectually dishonest Democrats when you think that’s going to produce a well run country when you go harvest the votes of people who just listen to how you tell them to vote, and are not voting for their own best interests and knowledge.” 

Barkdoll pointed out, “This two party system is showing real strain because what’s happening is these incumbents get so entrenched, they have all the benefits of incumbency, then 99% of the time, they continue to run unopposed in primary elections. And the beat goes on. You look at some of these people well into their 80s, we have some people in their 90s that continue to get elected because it is so difficult in this system, to get them out of office. Then you get these scenarios whether it’s McConnell, we could have said this about Joe Biden when he was in office, Chuck Grassley from Iowa is another one he’s in his 90s. They will serve for decades, and there’s never any serious effort to get them out of office. They’ll stay until they die or retire.”