President Biden will be in Philly today with a new program to mobilize black voters

May 29 – As part of his 2024 campaign for president, Joe Biden has spent a good bit of time in Pennsylvania, since we are a battleground state. 

He will speak in Philadelphia today, along with Vice President Kamala Harris, where they are launching an effort to mobilize black voters. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM wondered, “When will the majority black vote get this right here? You’ve been lied to for decades and here we go with another tour stop, pandering tour here and as soon as they get back into office, they’ll just ignore you for another four. It reminds me of Bob Casey. You never hear much of anything from Bob Casey until it’s election time. So black voters, you’re going to get used again.”

This is the 40th time Biden will be in Philly since he took office. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I’m curious to see if they unveil a leader of this organization today. They’re doing this at a place called Girard College in Philadelphia, which is actually a K-12 boarding school. It’s not a higher ed college, but that is the name of it. That’s where they’re going to roll this out. I just don’t know who’s buying into this. Presumably they’re going to have someone that will be the president or leader of this group known as Blacks for Biden, Harris. Interestingly, if you look at their schedules today, Harris leaves Philadelphia, she’s then going to a campaign event in Colorado this evening. I’m curious, are they going to try to do this in every state? They’re going to have the state level Blacks for Biden, Harris and will she try to then do the same thing tonight when she gets to Colorado? We’ll see.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “When they say they’re going to discuss things like his commitment to increasing black wealth, what in the world is a president making statements like that? So he’s going to just buy black Americans the same way he’s buying students? By giving them resources. It’s an insane approach.” 

“Unsustainable,” Ryan insisted.

Could there also be mortgage help from Biden, too? 

Barkdoll said, “Remember in his State of the Union, he released a package of housing reforms. Now none of these have passed yet, but part of those reforms would include mortgage assistance for certain people, particularly first time homebuyers. He wants to eliminate title insurance requirements for federally backed loans. The idea being that that would save every purchaser a few thousand dollars on every closing. So yeah, he does continue to roll some of that out. But none of that has made it through Congress. But we know in his case, sometimes that doesn’t matter. He figures out these workarounds to try to do it by executive order.”

Jansen added, “There’s already executive orders to funnel money to developers who make all kinds of promises about Section Eight housing. We know that that happened and they know it too. There’s even a Pennsylvania law out there right now that’s been proposed to eliminate municipality’s ability to use ordinances to control how land is developed. That’s just all these little chipping away at the ability of people to fight back against this idea that we can just give free housing to everyone like free education for everyone.”

Barkdoll said, “Yesterday there was a report, housing prices have again hit an all time high in the US on average. We all know that just anecdotally, the prices keep going up. Mortgage rates continue to be very high. I saw yesterday the city of Chicago, the biggest subsidy in the US to repurpose all of these vacant downtown office buildings, and they’re going to repurpose them for housing. They’re pointing out that of course people are fleeing cities like crazy anyway, but housing has become so unobtainable for a lot of people they think converting these high rise office buildings into apartments or condominiums might be a way to get people into the market.”

What could all this say to the world in terms of the strength of the US?

State Senator Doug Mastriano said, “I’m rather surprised that none of our foes and I’m glad they haven’t taken advantage of this weakness. You see this vacuum in the United States. This fecklessness, this uncertainty, and they haven’t taken advantage of it and I pray they don’t. If war breaks out with China and Taiwan, we’re talking tens of thousands of casualties within the first day. It’s going to be catastrophic.”

The US will step in with Taiwan. 

Mastriano said, “We will have to step in. We have a treaty with Taiwan. Let’s say we don’t, then our prestige globally is gone. Then Iran will make a move. Then Russia will take a shot at Latvia where all those ethnic Russians are living in the eastern part. Not just that, but many of the Russians there receive a stipend from Moscow for their services.”