Potomac Edison to continue tree trimming and clearing around power lines in Washington County

21 May 2024- FirstEnergy Corp’s subsidiary Potomac Edison is set to conduct tree trimming and other vegetation management work in communities across its Maryland service area as part of its ongoing efforts to help enhance electric service reliability. This year’s $14.7 million tree-trimming program will help keep power flowing to customers by helping to prevent tree-related outages, such as those that can occur during the spring and summer storm season.

Potomac Edison is one of Maryland’s largest electric distribution company, with their work encompassing large portions of Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Frederick Counties. Additional service is in Montgomery, Carroll, and Howard counties. FirstEnergy is also the same electric conglomerate that owns the Pennsylvanian distribution subsidiaries of West Penn Power, Penelec, and number of other providers.

On the ground, contractors have trimmed trees along more than 300 miles of power lines across the Maryland service area since the beginning of the year. The company is on track to complete an additional 1,800 miles of tree-trimming work by the end of the year. Similar work is performed annually by FirstEnergy transmission companies along high-voltage power lines in the company’s service territory.

Don McGettigan, Acting President of FirstEnergy’s Maryland Operations: “Because trees are a leading cause of power outages, tree trimming is crucial to our reliability efforts and one of the most effective ways we can reduce the impact of tree-related service interruptions for our customers.”

Crews continually inspect vegetation near power lines to ensure trees are pruned to preserve their health while also maintaining safe clearances. Trees that present a danger or are diseased may be removed.

As part of its notification process, Potomac Edison works with municipalities to inform them of tree-trimming schedules. In addition, customers living in areas along company rights of way also are notified before vegetation management work is done.