Possible Police Impersonator

CHAMBERSBURG – Early Saturday morning, 12/12/20, Chambersburg Police took a report of a possible police impersonation. The victim reported that she was stopped by a dark SUV with blue flashing headlights and lights on the mirrors. This was to have occurred on Stouffer Avenue between East McKinley Street and Stanley Avenue. The “traffic stop” occurred around 0015 hours on 12/12/20. The person operating the SUV approached the victim and questioned her why she was driving around since she had a vehicle with an out of state registration.

The victim described the subject as a tall male with brown hair. The subject was a white male and had a gold wedding band. He was also wearing a dark uniform and had a radio. After the “traffic stop” the subject was last seen traveling towards Wayne Avenue. CPD checked with PSP and neither department was involved in the ”traffic stop” with the victim. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Chambersburg Police Department or submit a tip through Crimewatch.

Below are some tips to help protect you from Police Impersonators: Put on your flashers, drive below the speed limit and call 911 from your cell phone. Tell the 911 dispatcher that you are concerned that someone is trying to pull you over that may not be a police officer. Ask the dispatcher to verify whether the car attempting to pull you over is indeed a law enforcement officer. If you do not have a cell phone, drive to a well-lit, busy area such as the parking lot of a busy store such as a grocery store. Do not flee from the vehicle attempting to pull you over. Do not stop your vehicle or get out of your vehicle until a dispatcher can confirm you are being pulled over by a legitimate police officer. If the dispatcher cannot confirm that you are being pulled over by a police officer, stay on the line with the dispatcher, and ask for police assistance. Drive carefully to a safe place, such as a local police department. Look for a uniform, official department jacket, and other equipment used by police officers for the performance of their duties. Do not provide personal documents – driver’s license, insurance information or other documents – to someone who you suspect of being a police impersonator. Trust your instincts. Report anything suspicious to police; please don’t wait to make a report.