Polls say Biden is facing a lot of challenges against former president Donald Trump in a 2024 election

November 6 – A recent New York Times and Siena College poll has shown President Joe Biden trailing former president Donald Trump for the potential 2024 election in key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada.

Biden has only a slight lead in Wisconsin.

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “I can’t help but think that’s a no duh moment here. If the two had to have an election day tomorrow, I mean, do you just want more of the wars that are before our very eyes? Israel and his stand there. The southern border, your taxes, your 401k, the grocery store, the gas.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I have to say I think of course, the Israeli/Hamas clash is hurting Biden and you see them trying to walk this fine line between supporting Israel and not offending what turns out to be a much bigger left hand side of the aisle that seems to be really fighting Israel and even some supporting Hamas itself. You see the dance going on with what they’re trying to say. I think that’s not really ringing very true for the American people.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “A lot of these polls show that some of these very progressive leftist Democrats, they do not like Biden’s support of Israel, and it’s hurting him particularly in states like Michigan, where there’s large Muslim populations.”

A CBS poll over the weekend showed Trump way ahead of Biden.

Barkdoll said, “Biden is in real trouble and what I thought was interesting, you saw some very key Democrat figures over the weekend, including David Axelrod, who was Obama’s chief strategist, when he ran for president. Axelrod is saying, is it time for Biden to step down? He’s got to get out of this race. He’s causing damage by continuing to stay in it and the thread to look at in those polls, that New York Times Siena poll had an interesting footnote. They asked those same respondents that show Trump ahead and five of the six key swing states, ‘what if it was Trump versus a generic Democrat?’”

If that was the case, there’s a 13 point swing and the unnamed generic Democrat – the people polled didn’t even have a name! – would win in a landslide over Trump.

Barkdoll said, “Which tells you these voters really dislike both of these candidates. They really dislike Joe Biden. They would hold their nose and vote for Donald Trump, but as soon as Biden would step aside, and you just put a generic Democrat in there, that candidate wins, really by landslide. That’s what I think Axelrod and some of these Democrats are looking at and do you think pressure might start to build on Biden when they look at these polls? At what point is he putting himself ahead of the country? Do they really try to push him out of this race? Time is getting really short. We’re only two months away from those first caucuses in Iowa.”

Jansen said, “That makes me wonder, I don’t think they want to push Biden out too quickly, because they don’t want Republicans to make any kind of a calculation to keep Trump out. If they’re starting to get someone who they think can replace Biden, they want to do it as close to or even after the primaries because then they have Trump where they think they want him. I really can’t stand this manipulation of who we’re all going to vote for for president.”

Barkdoll agreed, “You’re totally right on that. That’s the irony of these polls that Trump and Biden both have mutual benefits to the parties in that they’re so unpopular among a big swath of voters and I wonder to your point, could there be some strategy here that Biden goes through these early caucuses and primaries, but then gets out at or before the convention and allows the delegates to select someone else? That assures them that Trump would be the opponent, who they perceive as an easier candidate to beat in a general election.”

Ryan added, “It’s very easy. Say Michelle Obama comes in here. It’s very easy to tie the third term of Obama, which is happening under the Biden watch right now, to the Democrat Party. I don’t see how that is not a difficult thing to tie any Democrat to Biden. If you want to carry on, maybe Biden’s out of the race, but the policies will continue despite him being in or not. This poll that I’m citing from New York Times and Siena College also highlights a demographic shift here. Groups that strongly supported Biden in 2020 now showing more closely contested preferences, and the gender gap reversing in favor of Trump, especially among men.”

Barkdoll said, “This is another key point and 22 percent of black and minority voters supporting Trump. That would be an all time record high for a Republican candidate if that number held. Gender wise, women are now gravitating more to Trump and against Biden. Ethnic minorities, they’re pointing out in this poll show trends moving more towards Trump and against Biden. That’s why you’re seeing Trump’s poll numbers among these groups and just the electorate in general, keep rising. There is no way Biden could be elected president if those numbers among those specific demographic groups would hold in favor of Trump.”