Police say St Thomas woman had a cocktail of drugs in her system during September crash that shattered a man’s femur, caused back fractures

01 February 2024- It appears a cocktail of drugs were the cause of a crash on Edenville Road back in September that caused a shattered femur, broken tibia, back fractures, and more to another man involved. Because of that crash, Pennsylvania State Police have charged Hillary L Hansen with felony aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI, three misdemeanor counts of DUI on a controlled substance, careless driving, failure to keep right, and driving without required financial responsibility. Hansen is behind bars on those charges with a $35,000 bail. Hansen was arrested last night in Saint Thomas Township and charged in an independent case of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. That bail is set at $25,000 bail.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched around 7:45am on September 12th for a single vehicle crash on Edenville Road, Hamilton Township but were later alerted to it being a two vehicle crash. While on scene, police contacted one of the drivers involved, Hillary Hansen, while Chambersburg Fire and EMS were extricating a man trapped in the other vehicle.

Hansen was interviewed on the porch of an Edenville Road home, but police say it was not the closest one to the accident. Instead, Hansen was reported on that porch because “she had to use the bathroom” in that home. While talking to Hansen, Troopers say they noticed constricted pupils, a restlessness, and other symptoms of drug use, or lack of use. When asked the last time she used, Hansen reportedly answered a day or two ago. Questions continued, with Hansen allegedly saying that she was previously prescribed suboxone but was trying to get off it.

Troopers determined that Hansen was the operator at fault for the crash and began conducting basic field sobriety tests on her. Due to a leg injury that she refused transport for, Hansen only had eye tests done on her. However, due to that test and previously mentioned conditions, Hansen was taken to Chambersburg Hospital for a blood draw on suspicion of DUI.

Around three weeks later, PSP received the blood toxicology report from the date of Hansen’s collision. In it, NMS labs reportedly found significant levels of benzoylecgonine (a metabolite of cocaine), amphetamine, methamphetamine, buprenorphine, and norbuprenorphine within two hours of operating her vehicle.

Soon after, Trooper received the final report from the man who was driving the other vehicle that Hansen had hit. That man’s injuries included, but were not limited to: shattered femur, broken tibia, broken left hand, compression fractures in the back, and a concussion.

Hansen is behind bars on a combined bail of $60,000.

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