Police say Dry Run man was pronounced dead at the scene of a 6am crash on Roxbury Road yesterday

13 September 2023- A Franklin County man is deceased today following a crash in the north of the county yesterday morning. Pennsylvania State Police say that Nathan Stepler, 30, of Dry Run was riding his Kawasaki 600 motorcycle when it struck a Jeep driven by a 72 year old Newburg man.

Just around 6:10am on Tuesday, police say the Jeep was stopped and turning onto Roxbury Road from Lurgan Road when Stepler’s bike crashed into it. Investigators say that Stepler tried to stop the bike but lost control and flew off it when it hit the Jeep at a steep angle.

Troopers assert that Stepler was wearing motorcycle protective gear but his injuries were severe enough to be fatal. The 72 year old Jeep driver was listed as being unharmed.

No traffic violations were issued as a result of the crash.