Police arrest 22 year old man for string of shed, garage, and vehicle burglaries in Washington Co.

28 March 2023- On March 27, 2023, James Edward Childers II (Photographed) was arrested and charged with numerous burglaries of sheds, garages, and thefts from motor vehicles that started in early February 2023.

Childers, along with two unnamed juveniles, wreaked havoc across different parts of Washington County. The Juveniles have been charged and are not currently incarcerated. Childers is being held at the Washington County Detention Center on separate charges.

Just a reminder that these are not the only ones breaking into unlocked vehicles, breaking into sheds and garages. Please keep vigilant and report anything suspicious.

Childers is no stranger to the State of Maryland Judicial System. In addition to all of the burglary and theft charges he’s currently facing, he’s also looking at other cases centered around misdemeanor assault, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, failure to appear and numerous cases of theft. He was charged most recently in November with more petty theft charges. He was arrested yesterday following the most recent developments.