Police allegedly find homeless man inside CASD offices, smoking at employee’s desk

02 April 2024- A man with no fixed address is now sitting behind bars in Franklin County Jail after allegedly making his way into the Chambersburg Area School District’s offices and finding a place to relax. William Scott Miller is charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing, and misdemeanor theft. Miller failed to post bail of $10,000.

Chambersburg Area School District Police were alerted on April 2nd in the early hours of the morning that a person was trespassing on school property. That person, now identified as William Miller, had entered into the building through an unlocked door and was eventually located in the office of a high ranking employee with the school system.

Inside of that office, Miller was reportedly found to have blankets, jackets, and a seat cushion that he had taken from different offices throughout the building. When officers found him in the office, they say that he was “literally smoking” presumably a cigarette.

Security camera footage allegedly showed Miller making his way into the building around 9:23pm the night prior. When he entered, officers say he wasn’t carrying anything, “indicating that all the items he had as he exited (CASD official)’s office did not belong to him”.

William Miller is behind bars on $10,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000082-2024, Incident No.: 793-22-24