Philly man accused of stealing Mercersburg victim’s identity, opening three accounts

24 March 2024- Pennsylvania State Police have announced charges against a Philadelphia man for identity theft and more surrounding a Mercersburg-area victim. Hilal Dine Salami, 28 of Philadelphia, has not been officially charged out of Mercersburg at time of writing but PSP have issued an alert following an extensive investigation.

PSP say that Salami stole the identity of a Mercersburg, PA victim by an unknown manner and made a fraudulent PA Drivers License with all of the victim’s info except a picture of Salami. Salami was reportedly found to be in possession of this phony ID as well as a Navy Federal Credit Union card with the victim’s name etched into it while he was taken into custody on a separate traffic warrant on January 28th.

Over the course of the investigation, it was reportedly revealed that Salami attempted to open bank accounts in the victim’s name through both Truist Bank and Target’s Red Card program. The good news, however, is that due to the victim’s security questions being allegedly answered improperly by Salami AND the victim applying for protection from the three major credit reporting agencies, they were not at a loss for any monetary ammounts.

Charges are incoming against Salami, per PSP, but have not been made as of Sunday afternoon. He is, however, facing almost two dozen charges following a traffic stop last year that may have led to the prior allegations.

Hilal Dine Salami is charged out of Northampton County, PA with felony forgery, felony access device fraud, felony identity theft, felony receiving stolen property, felony theft, misdemeanor possession of an instrument of crime, misdemeanor fleeing an officer, and numerous traffic violations. He has since posted bail of $25,000, but the status of that remains unknown as the new charges may affect that bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-03208-CR-0000328-2023, PSP release PA 2024-228444